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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by TheHotShotKid, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. TheHotShotKid

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    Someone disparaged me earlier in a post and said I work for my mommy like there is something wrong with that. Apparently that poster has a problem with them. Furthermore my mom pays well. How do you feel about women in LL?
  2. Trinity Lawn Care  LLC

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    I am fine with them. My wife is actually part owner of the LLC. I think that there are certain qualities that a woman can bring to a business that are difficult for men. I am not saying that men or women alone can not run a successful business. I just think that someone women have a very good head for business and if it is in the green industry then great. Would I work for my mom? Yes, she is someone that I know would take care of her employees. However, my mom would never be in business. She is to nice, and the public would try and walk all over her. If you like working for your mom that is awesome, and there is nothing wrong with that. :)
  3. NightScenes

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    I happen to know several PROFESSIONAL women in landscape lighting, in the US and Canada and give them the respect they deserve.

    I emphasize professional because I know of at least one very non professional so called landscape lighting person of whom does not deserve that respect.
  4. Broker

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    Nice!!! Somethings are so obvious people overlook them.

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