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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNGODFATHER, Jul 18, 2001.

  1. mrs. lawngodfather wants to know how many are for women being hired onto your crews, and why...or why not...and don't worry your replies cannot offend me in any way. I work with the guys so I hear it all day, every day. Just curiosity...i have my own comments and opinions to add later, but I wanted to hear some of yours first...

    Mrs. LGF:blob3:
  2. rider1000

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    My wife and I work together. We average 8-10 residential lawns per day. We have 42 residential accounts we cut M-F, cut 1 Comm. account on Sat. Then myself and three others cut a large comm. account on Saturday afternoon. She can work just as hard as I until the temp. reaches over 90 and high humidity, then she has a rough way to go, but she hangs in there. Depends on the person and what they're used to. I know women who can work circles around some men I've worked with. I wouldn't hesitate to hire a woman if she can prove herself.
  3. MOW ED

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    My wife will just be starting with me in September when our youngest starts school. I have been working on lawns for 6 years and she has done all the billing and accounting work.
    I wonder if I have to increase her pay now. ;)
  4. awm

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    im solo now but plan on crewing in a couple yrs.
    i have a lady in mind that i want to train to take charge as i get older. after she has run a crew a few yrs ,i intend to turn it over to her and just take care of the handyman duties.
    lot ifs there but we ll see.
  5. jeffex

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    My wife also works with me at times. When we first started we both were slow on our toro wb but it wasn't long before 5th gear
    was the only one we used. She works with me in our pressure
    washing business and fills in mowing from time to time. I think a
    great market for help in this business is the "stay at home" mother that needs extra money. This business can be somewhat flexible to thier schedule and much better pay than MIckey D's
    My wife refused to weed eat though she uses my beat up legs as
    an example!!
  6. HOMER

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    Homette spends every day with me. She loves it (not)!
    She has hung in there like a hair in a biscuit. The heat does get to her some days so I try to take it easy on her. We did 11 properties yesterday and came home at dark thirty. One day soon I hope she can stay home more......................I miss them home cooked meals......................Homette sure can cook when she has the time!:D

    She has been told she can stop any time she wants......................I ain't forcing her to endure these harsh conditions.
  7. geogunn

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    mrs. lgf--if I ran a large operation I would not have a problem hiring a woman. she would be asked to work as a crew member and not as an individual, as would the men on the crew. and I would expect that all would work well together.

    HOWEVER, there are nagging thoughts of how to protect myself from the possibility of problems related to "sexual harassment in the workplace" allegations. the courts and the lawyers have gone crazy over this subject.

    as a result of my former employ, I personally am well trained in how to avoid the pitfalls on the issue, however, the male crew members likely would not be and would create a dangerous situation if they did not take "how to avoid" training seriously.

    and the way things are now...if an employee commits sexual harassment, the employer is responsible.

    oh, and BTW, in case people don't know, sexual harassment doesn't usually have anything to do with SEX.

    good luck and give us your thoughts.

  8. TJLC

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    My wife has helped me a couple of times and that was enough for her. She works full time at her present job which keeps her very busy. She is also alergic to fire ants so that makes it hard for her to help me. Thank god for benadryl. She helps me in other valuable ways. She's ok, I guess I'll hang onto her. LOL
  9. Chuck Sinclair

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    Best crew leader i ever had was a women, They may be a little slower but the make up for it in detail.
    My sister works for me now and i know if i send her to do a job it will be do the right way.
  10. mdb landscaping

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    i use to work on a crew before i went solo for myself that was mostly women. one time we had four women working. the guy that owned the business said he had better luck with women than men. since then, he decided to sell the business and the woman bought it and now runs a nice business and most of the crew is women.

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