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    Previous Theme Park Worker
    Hi everybody i have been reading alot of these posts for about 1 week now so i decided it was time to tell you my story.
    I worked at a major theme park in New York State for 5 years in the landscaping department learned a great deal about mulching in very large quantities about 7 tractor trailer loads per season installed in 2 weeks and annuals we use to put in 50,000 to 60,000 per season i was able to plant 10 to 20 flats in 1 hour depending on the bed shape but no less than 10 in 1 hour and we had these all planted in a span of 3 weeks, that didn't include any perrenials we had to put in.
    We also installed many shrubs and landscaped new rides that were put in.
    I learned a great deal about trimming shrubs especially since there was only two of us doing all of the trimming in the park.
    I spent another 2 years just installing irrigation with the same person i did trimming with all dug by hand because it was installed in raised beds.
    we also had our own greenhouse wich i managed for 1 year.
    Needless to say i learned a great deal about hard work and determination and working 12 to 15 hrs. a day during crunchtime all for minimum wage.
    My thought now is to start this line of work on my own since i feel as though i have enough experience.
    Do you see many women in this line of work for residential or commercial?
    Give me some feedback please.
    Wonder Women
  2. green_mark

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    Gender barrier is a state of mind. Go test your sales ability before you leap.
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    If you keep working for minimum wage you will always be at that level. You have nothing to lose!! Take your experience and knowledge you have gained over the years and make yourself proud! Some of the more knowledgable people I have dealt with at local nursuries are women. I have one lady that has made some of our customers seasonal color plantings look unbelievable this year! She has a nickname already of the Pansy Goddess. Take the step and don't look back.
  4. 6'7 330

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    Go for it,use your knowledge to control you're own destiny.The sky is the limit in This great industry.Nobody cares if your a woman,in fact a woman owned company can be an advantage when bidding on various project types.

    There are very successful women landscapers in Chicago area, and I'm sure in your area as well, the rode they paved will make your journey a little easier getting into this biz.
    Best of luck to you!
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    My experience says you will do better than most men in the residential side starting up. Why -because its the woman/wife in a house hold that makes the final decision most of the time in who they like and what they have to say. Most woman seem more comfortable talking to another woman about what they are trying to accomplish in looks for there property. I think, although I have no proof that woman homeowners feel that most men talk down to them about what needs done and it makes it that much harder to sell your services.
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    I have to agree with older than dirt, women have an advantage over men in this area of work because they can communicate better and women trust other women more, 99% of my dealings are with women and i know i would be doing much better if i was one.

    Weeding women are the biggest in town here, they get around $40 per hour and are flat out, i have trouble trying to get $20 an hour as some guys are a lot cheaper.( thats why i mainly do mowing)

    Good luck, i know you will do well.:) :usflag:
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    I think women can do well in this business and I'm not sure why more don't get involved. It seems to me like a great opportunity for the "opposite" sex.:)
  8. Brendan Smith

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    i say...go for it and never look back :walking: !!! as long as you put your mind to it, you'll be fine. :weightlifter:

    btw - where's oakfield?
  9. Wonder Women

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    Thanks everybody for the great encouragement i have been doing a great deal of reading to prepare myself for next spring.
    By the way Brendan Smith Oakfield is a small village about 50 miles NE of Buffalo NY. and about just as far from Rochester, NY.
    Thanks everyone.
  10. Dstosh

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    would this park be darien lake?

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