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    I say go for it! I did. As a woman, I experienced a few instances of "sexism" but nothing really blatant. My nephew works for me and there were a few times when we met with new clients and my nephew was deferred to for answers and confirmations and he is still learning the biz. Male as well as female clients did this, so it was not just men. The first time it happened, it was uncomfortable for my nephew, me and the client when they realized they were asking the wrong person. Now, when my nephew is with me, I simply introduce myself and nephew in such a way to let them know in order to avoid the embarrassment. Make sure you develop a relationship with a good repair shop/dealer that knows you are serious and then keep them........ because I had a few bad experiences where I simply got no help when I wanted to buy equipment. It took an expensive purchase to get noticed.

    I have also had neighbors come up and ask to speak with my husband ( my nephew) to see about getting our service, etc..... Don't get mad when it happens ( it will happen at least once), just laugh it off and move on. If you know your business the success will come and anything else is just a learning experience.;)
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    Good on ya!! I for one would like to see more women in the industry,successful professional women who pursue their goals have always turned me on lol.My wife is an attorney and a very successful one,her knowing she is among the best and pursuing her profession is what attracted me to her at first. Of course there are people with old time mind sets, chauvinist etc. but would you say the majority of the people you were dealing with who had reactions you described to you being the owner of the biz ,were out of the likely hood business owner's in the landscaping industry are so overwhelmingly male .Id be interested in hearing you're and-any other Lady owner whom clients or prospective clients might have had the same reactions as you're opinions.
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    Yes. I assume the reactions were based on the fact most owner's in the biz are male or that I have a very "laid back" approach in how I manage my nephew in front of clients( I'm not a Bossy Pants):dancing: .It's understandable that a potential client would defer towards my nephew rather than me at first.I don't feel that there was any animosity in the errors ........twas only a comedic moment shared between folks that just met each other. But, I do think that people will often react based on preconceived notions and that these notions are cumbersome if you don't have a sense of humor. I'd like to hear from other folks as well.
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    Yes Derek the park would be Darien Lake. Where do you live in Western NY?
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    I live in the town of lockport. I went to school in middleport. So i am familar with the area.
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    My wife is the operator of our business. I am the cheif mechanic and bottle washer. (I have a regular job which provides stability and insurance etc)

    We started early on to just capitalize on the benefits of her being a woman. Particularly when dealing with female clients who do not want strange men around their house.

    Her website is below my name.

    She normally has 1 to 3 other ladies working with her.

    One of the problems she encountered in the past was trying to hire Latino workers. Many were not too keen to work for a woman. All in all it has worked out best for her to hire other German women.
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    Alan my husband has a great Job with excellent benefits and fully paid health Insurance as you do also. Therefore we are covered in that area which makes the decision for me to start this business a little easier. He also has plenty of vacation time every year that he could take off to help me if i need him to.
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    In my town there is a blonde haired 21yo women that owns a lawncare business, she has a F150 with 3 Toro Personal Pace 21" mowers, and 2 weedeaters which she puts all of it in the bed of her F150. She also has 2 late teen boys that help her. Im not sure how many accounts she has but I see her mowing ALL THE TIME. Its always in the more wealthy town lawns and everything is hand mowed. She is obiviously doing very well, but besides that I never really see many women, but you should probably do fine. Even though you know the green thumb side of the lawn care business, you would still need to do alot more than that to run a successful business, if you have any questions about insurance, tax forms, and things like that just post'm on here and I'm sure somebody could help you out.
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    There is a woman with experience like yours here (on a smaller scale) but she stays booked solid doing bed maint and plantings only for the most part. Fed sod jobs but mostly just maintain beds and plant annual color. She still works full time for a corperation on thier landscape team but she does her own accts after work and on weekends. I been trying to hire her or partner up with her for 6 months now and she just cant seem to bring herself to leave the security of working for a large corperation and the benifits it comes with
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    I know a few female landscapers. They do as good of a job and make as good of a living as the men. Honestly, they do better work than most of the men out there. Alot less likely to rush and leave a mess. Try and work some organics into it too. Like someone else posted, alot of the time it is the lady of the house who deals with this, and they looooove to hear you're organic. Good Luck.

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