Wondering about a Bunton ZRT

Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by KH29, Apr 1, 2010.

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    I'm riding a 2004 Hustler Mini Z 52" with a 19 HP Kawasaki.
    Been a good machine, but the wheel motor went out today....it's cost me 7 or $800 a year the last couple or 3 years, so I got to thinkin.....
    The dealer has a new Bunton-same size deck & motor he's wanting to trade me.
    Gonna cost me $4500 out of pocket with the Mini Z trade.
    5 year, 500 hour warranty.
    Any thoughts on the deal itself & Bunton's versus Hustlers in general??
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    Bunton is a division of Schiller Grounds Care which also manufactures Bob-Cat mowers...both Bunton and Bob-Cat walk behinds and zero turn riders are identical. Because Bob-Cat manufacturers more mowers and are more common throughout the landscaping industry, you may have some better luck searching posts for them as opposed to Bunton. However, because Bunton and Bob-Cat mowers are identical, anything you read will apply to both. From my personal experience, Bob-Cat mowers have served me very well and given me years of trouble-free service (both ZTRs and walk behinds). I would take a Bob-Cat (Bunton) over a Hustler any day.
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    Thanks Much for the info

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