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wondering about investing in herbiced application


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VA zone 7
I have noticed some of the big national outfits that mostly spray liquid weed control and use lesco fertilizer seem to do the small to mediam yards pretty fast.I have just been thinking any of you guys out there set up with a spray rig with big tank on it.How much on averrage do thes units cost? this one was gas powered and had about 300 feet of hose to it.you all that spray do you make good money for the investment and do you market your mowing customers only are do you sighn up anybody you can on a program like thes national outfits do.Also are there any health risks to the use of weed control sprays such as spraying on a windy day are even breathing the dust from grass clipping after the liquid has dried on the blades.



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Cost: $2500

Good money for the investment: Yes

Market: Require all mowing customers to use my fert/weed program. Pursue many fert only customers. Also do fert/weed for other mowing contractors.

Health risks: Yes, depending on herbicide used.

Breathing the dust dried on from grass clippings? Far-fetched, bear in mind you spray pesticides on your skin when you apply mosquito repellant.



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S. Jersey
Around $2000.00 is the price you'll be paying. I will be going liquid next season. Too many headaches with the granular. The fert. I did this yr. I did very well on $ wise. So much I'll be dropping lawn cuts only, unless they sign on for it. Spend the money if you got it.


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SW Missouri
I am thinking along the same lines. We apply granular fert and spot spray with back packs and a mower mounted sprayer.
This approach has worked on a very small scale. I was thinking about a spray rig. The spot spray is soo time consuming and we do not achieve the best results.
How big a unit # of gallons?
Hp on motor?
Brand, is one better than another?
My goal for next season is to have all mowing accounts on our program + some others approximately 125 Comments and recommendations please-


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You HAVE a mower mounted sprayer and want to go with a truck mounted one?

That's like selling your Hummer and buying Samari.
Lazer, I don't follow your logic on that one. I assume you make that comment because of dragging hose around the yard. It surely is much nicer (easier on the old bones) to ride than to drag all the hose around a yard, but I hate to mix on site. My thoughts would be that the truck unit would carry more mixed solution, thereby cutting the time on site (assuming of coarse the property is large enough to need more than one load of what you can mix and carry on the mower). If the lawns are small, you are absolutely right about the mower unit. Am I missing something?

I'm in the process of building a 120 gallon unit to pull behind my mower. My mower mounted unit is 16 gallons and about all the weight I want to put on the front of my DC (135# or so). The trailer will allow me to carry enough solution to treat most of my commercial properties without refilling on site and I can spread the weight (1000# or so) to another set of wheels. Is there something I have missed in my thinking?


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Depends on what $$$ you have avalable, & what your long term goals are. The mower mounted sprayer is good I'm sure, but the larger truck or trailer mounted sprayer is capable of allowing you to add more services.

I bought a tree spraying gun and have made good money spraying for Oak Worms. I also have made very good money using that same sprayer doing deep-root fertilizing. Have a job just over $400 doing deep-root fertilizing to do, less than $10 in fertilizer expenses, a very good profit margin.

One sprayer, 3 different services.


Gulf Shores, AL
I like using granular fertilizers. While I don't have a spray rig as of now, I'll be getting one for ornamentals next spring.

RMc Lawn

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There is good money in spraying. For me it amounts to about 75% of the income. My opinion if you are going to buy a sprayer spend the extra and get the framework made from aluninum or stainless steel. then you do not have the frame rusting out w/ the use of liquid fertilizer. health risks can be greatly reduced by the applicator. use proper equipt. and follow labels. you will be surprised at the results and the return on the investment.


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I think a mower-mounted sprayer is better for spraying lawns. You can do 4000 sq. ft./min WHILE FERTILIZING, too.

With a hose, you're lucky to do 2000. And you have to double-back to granular fertilize.

I don't mix on site, my trucks are equipped with nurse tanks that allow me to spray all day.

If you're only spraying for weeds, 16 gallons CAN cover 100,000 sq. ft.