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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Moonlight, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. Moonlight

    Moonlight LawnSite Member
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    I am trying to get away from the meth. (Pendemethelin) Has anyone tried the new aquacap? How did you like it? I've always had good luck with it, I am just tired of the stinch and stain. I am thinking about surflan, does anyone have any opinions on surflan? Dimension is a little to expensive for my clients.
  2. cemars

    cemars LawnSite Senior Member
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    Are you talking about ornamental bed control or turf. I don't thank Surflan is an option for turf. I used pendemethelin for a year or two and then stopped because my nice white trucks ended up looking like crap. What about prodiamine, (Barricade), it doesn't stain nearly as much as pendimethelin and ofers good control , and it just went off patent and is dropping in price.
  3. Luscious Lawns

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    P-meth is a messy chem. I just finished a round of early apps. The stuff is stuck to all equipment. I'm thinking of rotating it out also. Help stop resistant strains of weeds forming anyway.

    Surflan (Oryzalin) is avaliable as a liquid or granular product. A old company I worked for used it a lot. Seemed to work well. It's labeled for turf or beds.

    You can check it out at www.cdms.net
    Great site for lable information.

  4. Moonlight

    Moonlight LawnSite Member
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    I was reading the label tonight. It does have a good turf label, seems like it might work. Cost is about 7.00 more per acre than aquacap. Going to buy a case tomorrow and try it.
  5. brizine

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    Unless the label has changed from a few years ago surflan can be used on turf. When I use to use it price per jug was higher than pre-m but you use less per product per acre. Used aqua-cap last year, night and day inmprovement over regular pre-m in staining and smell. Only problem with aqua-cap I had was staining of the applicators lower pants, no problems on sidewalks, truck or even white fences. Have since gone back to barricade. Yes it is pricey but I like that it root prunes less than most other pre emergents.
  6. airtractrdrivr

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    I put out Surflan with Trimec 992 last fall, and am putting it out now. The lawns we've done with it are in spectacular condition. Surflan (Prozalin 4L) is higher than P-meth, but it works much abetter in my opinion. Just dont use it on Fescue, it will kill it dead. I still use the P on Fescue lawns, but the others are getting Surflan. Just a side note, it's costing us $217 per 2.5 right now, which has gone up from $209 back in Nov.
  7. cemars

    cemars LawnSite Senior Member
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    The label only allows for use on warm season grass, I just noticed you are all from Oklahoma or Georgia, so maybe it is a good option for you.
  8. southernsprayguy

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    Doesn't Surflan stain like Pre-M?
  9. airtractrdrivr

    airtractrdrivr LawnSite Member
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    NO, Surflan doesnt stain NEARLY as bad as P-meth does. It's much easier to clean up, too.
  10. Williams Services

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    ... and if you're spraying with a BP sprayer, it only makes it look like your diaper leaked out! :p

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