Wondering if an attachment like this even exists...

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Stroker, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. Stroker

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    Did a job last week removing approximately 30-40 downed pine trees from a property. Ofcourse hauling them away with 16-18ft bed dump trucks, alot of chain saw time was involved to cut up the trees enough to be loaded. I was doing the job with a TL140 thinking how nice it would of been to have a grapple bucket with a hydraulic chain saw on one end. It would have saved alot of labor on a job like that. Ive done some internet searches and found a few things for excavators, but not for skid steer/CTL's. Andybody know of an attachment like this or also think its a good idea?

    Here is a similar attachment for an excavator.
  2. ksss

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    I am on a job right now that is very similar. I also wondered if some thing was available like that. It would be more safe and probably not that complex. The excavtor types I have heard of measure the log and cut into precise lengths. If I had just a chain saw mounted atthe end of a grapple bucket with some type of actuator for the saw. Have not heard of one. Nows your chance to make a million.
  3. Stroker

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    LOL.. I call dibs!!!!! Or atleast a free attachmet for the use of my "Intellectual Property". :)

    Honestly I would be suprised if some manufacturing company somewhere out there didn't have a bucket like this. With a skid steer attachment for almost every task imagineable, I would find it hard to believe this hasn't made it across some designers drawing board already.
  4. Scag48

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    You almost don't even need the "bucket" part of it. All you'd need is that hotsaw on a dangle head plate mounted to skid steer attachment plate. Something that you could just run up to the log, grab it and saw it in about 5 seconds, then back up and move on down the log. Get a patent started!
  5. janb

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    This would be a great (fast) way for cleaning up down timber (most usually case), as you could position the grapple and angle, and just switch on the saw from the Aux Hyd, rolling the bucket, or positioning the grapple for feed. If careful... you could mount it ~15 deg off vertical (or even vertical; perpendicular to grapple arm) an index pin that would allow you to fold it back against the grapple would keep it from getting torn off when you are 'stripping branches' or crushing brush.

    We have a herd of loggers around here, so I'll see what I can drum up. Other wise might need to get back into 'toolmaking' and using my Bridgeport mill and lathe, before they rust up. Heavy snow today, good for indoor projects (& homework...)

    a Hyd Cyl could be added for 'pivot', tho the 'hyd rotational device' highlighted in my '4in1' ex post would be good too. I might need to examine building something, as the company says they are VERY spendy (and they won't sell individually). We use several 'unscrewing' devices on plastic molding applications, but they are not buried in dirt...

    Of course there are the 2 axis tree shears, for ~$6000, but not adding yet another attachment :rolleyes: has benefits
  6. ksss

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    OK I am getting as bad as Skag, and maybe I need a life (or just better weather so I can go back to work) but I have been thinking of this throughout the day. Would it be possible to run a saw off the aux. hyd. and generate enough rpm to efficiently cut trees with it. My thought would be to use a wheel similiar to one that a stump grinder would use. No chain to dull or break and much more industrial than a chain saw. My question would be if you could flow enough fluid to generate the kind of RPMs you would need to cut fast. The concept works for stump grinders so I think it would be doable. An electric diverter valve could be used to switch from grapple to saw head, or like on a planer, if your equipped with high flow, run the grapple off the aux. and the saw off of high flow. With 40 gpm I should be able to saw rather quickly.

    UNISCAPER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Caterpillar has a work tool that attaches to a 980/988 where it clamps the tree while it is vertical, then a hydraulic chain saw comes out betwen the clamps, cuts the tree, then outriggers come down from the sides of the machine so you can twist the trunk 90° and the ground crew can limb it while being clamped. It's made for them by a Swedish company. I've only seen one 10 years or so ago. But, think of the labor you would save.
  8. tylermckee

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    just keep your saw out of the dirt and it you wont have a ploblem cutting up those trees.:drinkup:
  9. Construct'O

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    New to this site,and would like to join in if okay.Instead of saw, which is a major thing to maintain.Use tree shear or a shear they use to cut scrap iron with.

    The shear used for iron will fit excavator,plus if careful, might also be used to pick up logs to move like grapple.

    There is also a tree shear on Ebay that you can use flat to cut tree, then rotate shear up on it's side to shear the tree in shorter lentghs.They also use it on it's side to trim limbs off the tree before or after it is cut.It is used on a skidsteer,but might be converted to excavtor.

    Just an idea.
  10. janb

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    The one in my neighbor's yard has some radial shear blades that nest the trunk, and do the limbing for you, it clamps, and has a chain saw bar that rotates out at base. His son bought the thing used, and paid if off on one job. He doesn't use it much as it is limited to 30" dia and below for real effective use. The trees he's currently cutting are 48"+ x 200'+ (100" rain / year makes things GROW)

    I noted some 1500 rpm Hyd motors in the "surplus city" catalog that came last week. I'm thinking of buying one for my 48" flail (currently on CUB w/ 1600 RPM pto) to mount on ex. I also saw a skid attachment with a rotating saw blade (similar to Buck Saw, but horizontal) bobcat site. The shear would definately be faster and less maint, but they are spendy and heavy, not an 'add-on' to a grapple. Guess the question remains... is it gonna be faster to hop off the skid, and chop off the long ones with a chain saw?... probably, tho depends on the job. I've been burning recently, so it would not be that helpful, but if trucking or chipping, I can see some uses. Seems I need a 'work cell' / firewood processor / chipper / buck saw combo. I drop the junk in a hopper, and it sorts it out; chops, chips, and loads :cool2:


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