Wondering what people are charging an hour for mowing?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KZS LAWN SERVICE INC, Mar 12, 2003.


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    I am just curious what people are charging an hour for mowing? I live in Wisconsin and was just curious. If you dont charge by the hour then what are your prices per acre.
  2. Husker1982

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    $1,000,000 is as low as I go, whew I wish, lol. That is a tough question to get an answer too. Just do it so you make enough money. Remember you have insurance, equipment, gas, and internet provider to get you lawn site!:D
  3. NYRookie

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    I live in upstate NY and I've only been mowing for two years, going on my third. I try to get $35-$40 an hour. Sometimes I make more and sometimes less. Some guys try to get $1/minute. I don't think I could get that were I live with the economy the way it is. When I do brushhogging, I charge at least $50 an hour. Hope this helps a little.
  4. DLS1

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    Hey KZS LAWN SERVICE INC, welcome to lawn site. Let me be the first to suggest you use the 'Search' button which is above the sponsor banners. Do a search for hour or price. You may get most of your questions answered using the Search button for a lot of topics.

    There was several topics covered about this same thing this month with topic titles such as 'Care to share prices', 'per man hour' and 'minimum cutting price'.

    I think you should be asking what people charge to cut a yard instead of what you charge per hour. Price per yard and sq. ft. of the yard gets it down to the basic element of what people are charging. Then you are comparing apples to apples.

    When you say per hour then I could cut a yard for $25 in 1 hour using a 22" mower and I would make $25 per hour. Another LCO could cut it using a 48" walk behind but they cut the same yard in 30 minutes and charge $25 for yard but is considered $50 per hour. So I could tell you $25 per hour and the other LCO say $50 per hour but really we are charging the customer the same price.

    I think basically most people are making the same per hour give or take $5 for same sq. ft. if everyone had the same equipment.
  5. gvlawncare

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    I don't think that finding out what people charge per hour is really a fair question. Suppose you have a 21" push mower and charge $50/hour. Does that mean that someone with a 60" ZTR can charge $150/hour? It all depends on what kind of equipment you have and how productive that equipment makes you. Alot of guys only have 48"WB's and obviously they aren't as productive as a ZTR either. I personally am a one man show almost all of the time and if you average it out, I get about $60/hr for commercial work and about $45/hour for residential mowing. Obviously, some accounts are more profitable than others, but this is a good average for my company. I run a 60" Deere 757 ZTR and a 48" Deere Hydro WB. Just my 2 cents, but i guess it depends on how productive you can be. I think a per acre or sf price would be more fair for comparisons sake.

  6. DLS1

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    Hey Matt good post, we are saying same thing but I just typed mine quicker. :D :D

    KZS LAWN SERVICE INC LawnSite Member
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    Yeah I agree with you guys. I guess I didnt think about the size of peoples equipment/business. You made some good points and thanks for the tips as well. I was just curious.
  8. woodycrest

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    For simplicity sake, assume you charge $50 an hour in the USA...does it follow that in Canada we would charge 75.00 an hour...to account for the exchange rate between US and Canadian $.

    just a thought...

  9. paponte

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    Absolutely! It all depends on equipment & crew size. A 3 man crew is getting $180 an hour... MINIMUM!! :cool:
  10. lawnagent

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    That is right! My first year in biz, ( 1992 ) I had anold Lowes riding lawn mower. 12 horse 38 inch cut. The most I could get away with charging an hour was about 20 an hour. When I got my first Z the next year, I went to 45 an hour. It works.

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