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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by cmoejr, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. cmoejr

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    I have a Kawasaki FJ180V on a Cub Cadet self propelled mower. This engine has always started on the first pull. Yesterday I changed the oil and took care of a few other maintenance items, such as a spot of oil here and there. I had this mower tilted on its side for about a half an hour so I could remove the cover under the deck. After all was removed and cleaned I sat the mower up on 2 saw horses and changed the oil. Problem is now I cannot get it to start at all. I keep getting oil in the cylinder. I keep drying the plug off and try to get what oil I can out of the cylinder but it still fails to start. I know I should have tilted the mower to the back. (What was I thinking) How can I resolve this problem. Thank You
  2. lawnmaniac883

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    Remove the air filter cover, Check for oil in there. If that looks o.k. pull off the muffler and check for oil in there. If these are both o.k pull the plug and spin engine over a few times.
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    Pull the plug out and pull the cord a few dozen times! Try to start it. If that dosn't work, pull the exhaust and clean it out as you proably got some oil in the exhaust. Start it without the muffler on it and that should fix the problem. I've had to do this a few times with a snapper commercioal mower.
  4. cmoejr

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    Thanks, for the information. I have taken the air filter off the plug out and the muffler off about a dozen times and I still can't get it to start. I did all of this before I posted this question. At first I was getting oil in the cylinder now I'm getting gas but it still won't kick over. I pulled on this thing until I'm blue in the face. I'm going to try and work on it a little bit more today. Thanks again.
  5. MowerMedic77

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    What is your full model# and Spec# They have had cylinder head gasket failures on serial#s below B84803 (Exception: Units with a black dot at the end of the engine serial# on the bar code have already been updated.)
  6. lawnmaniac883

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    Remove the carb bowl if you havent already and make sure the float isnt filled with gas and is moving up and down freely.
  7. cmoejr

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    The full model number is FJ180VA52006 I do not believe that it would be a head gasket. It ran great and as I have said it always started on the first pull. All I did was lay it over on its side to remove the cover underneath to get to the oil drain plug so that I could change the oil. I have removed the float bowl also. I removed the whole carb and the float was free. I blew through the fuel intake side of the carb and eased up on the float and it shuts off where it should. Did not see no debris in the carb either. I think next time instead of changing the oil I'll just buy a new motor. hehehe
  8. oldgreygox33

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    Tilting a vertical shaft lawn mover in any direction other than (spark plug up) can allow oil to run into areas of the engine that it should not be. Should oil fill up the valve spring chamber, it can seep past the valve stems into the exhaust & intake ports, and from there into the muffler, carburetor, and combustion chamber. The oil in the muffler, don't worry about. For the oil in the carburetor, it has to be removed, disassembled and cleaned. Best way is to spray all parts, including all orifices in the body of the carb with Gummout Carb Cleaner, and blow out with air gun before spray solution dries. Re-assemble carburetor, and re-mount on engine. For the oil in the combustion chamber, remove the spark plug and spray gummout carb cleaner into the spark plug hole, liberally, pull on starter cord to rotate engine and the diluted oil will push out of the spark plug hole. May be a good idea to do this twice. Also spray the spark plug with the gummout carb cleaner, and place the spark plug back in engine. When you start the engine there will be a lot of blue smoke, possibly white smoke. Don't worry about the the smoke, it is the oil in the muffler getting hot and burning out. Run the engine for 5 min. or so and the smoke will eventually stop.

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