Wood Chipper Overhaul

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by SLC LLC, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. SLC  LLC

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    We use a silicon based latex paint. The stuff is extremely expensive, but it works like a champ! We brush it on and you would really never know it - looks just like it was sprayed on. It is a thick piant. Areas where you stop and painting at and let it dry, I would bet that it is almost nearing 1/8" thick.
    If we get lucky like we did this year, it is better if you can let the equipment set up for about a week before taking it back out for either use or simply to set in the weather. We do all of our trailers in the same stuff each winter, as well as the flatbed on one of our trucks.
    It's good stuff though.
  2. SLC  LLC

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    We do not have any arborists on staff. Like I said, don't do a whole lot of tree work - mainly stuff strom damage cleanup and that type of stuff. I will get some photos going of the rest of the fleet here ar some point. Never posted much - justed read and learn appraoch on this site.
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    Nice job. Looks great. Like others are warning, that is a very dangerous piece of equipment. Never get comfortable or complacent with it or any chipper. Always keep in mind that thing is looking for the chance to suck you in it.

    Youll get many safe years with that workhorse. Be careful and make money with that sucker.
  4. mowerkid01

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    Wow! Out of all the Vermeer 1600 drum chippers I've seen, this one really stands out from the crowd. it basically says "I'M THE BEST AROUND."
  5. teamgreendude

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    looks like a wood chuck chipper the wright tree service uses
  6. SuperDuty335

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  7. jiggz

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    hahahahahaha YES!!!!!

    your my type of guy!!! don't know what you paid for it.. but im all about spending a little amount of cash for equpt and putting a weekend of elbow grease to make it look like i paid top dollar

    that looks great man. god luck with it!!
  8. SLC  LLC

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    Thanks for all the comments! The project was a lot of fun, and got to work on it with my Dad! I know that some of you mentioned it is not the safest thing in the world, and I do understand that. But for little of what we actually use the thing, it is not worth the money to me for a brand new one. I like it.
  9. SuperDuty335

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    In my post, I must add, that I wasn't condemning the ole "chuck and duck" and your using it; Just stating a fact.(mine was a very good piece of equipment). You did a much better job on yours than I did mine. I am interested in the paint you used. Where do you buy it?:confused:
  10. SLC  LLC

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    No offense taken. I appreciate your input. I will get the official name of that paint tomorrow when I go to the shop.

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