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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by HOLE-N-ONE, Oct 5, 2006.


    HOLE-N-ONE LawnSite Member
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    I need help with selecting a wood chipper , will puting 2-1/2" Diameter max into the machine I want to chip shrub clippings and small branches.
  2. ed2hess

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    The Troy-Bilt has a couple different sizes, one will take up to 3". These are homeowner type of equipment, can't put much volume through the machines. We had one with 8hp and I wouldn't go under that size if you want to do any chipping. In net we concluded it was a waste of time to use the machine unless you are using it as a hobby. Getting rid of yard debris by other means is a LOT faster.
  3. J&R Landscaping

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    Echo bear-cat has some nice models. Some are towable and some are home-owner type.

    I agree with ed2hess about the smaller units, they just seem to be a waste of time. I would recomend a larger unit for better results in a MUCH FASTER timeframe!! JMO
  4. lawnmaniac883

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    Just rent a big one when you need to.

    My local rental shop has a 12'' Vermeer, 12'' Bandit, and a few 6'' gas machines. I love the 12''ers, they have some ballz 85HP IIRC.

    Homeowner units are a waste of money IMO and the step up to a vermeer would put you into bankruptcy. I can rent the 12'' for 185/day and in one day you can chip ALOT of stuff.
  5. DFW Area Landscaper

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    We bought a 2.5" chipper/shredder a couple of years ago from Simplicity.


    Whatever you do, DO NOT buy this piece of crap.

    It was absolute junk. It was broke down so much, we bought another, assuming a spare and a production machine would keep one working at all times. Wrong-o.

    Then we bought a DR 2.5" chipper. This thing has never broken down once.

    The DR is a good machine.


    DFW Area Landscaper
  6. lwcmattlifter

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    I'd like to see a tail gate mounted chipper that could handle 4" branches with cycle times as fast as the tow behind units.
  7. Fordsuvparts

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    We paid $10,000 for a 12"-14" chipper about 4 years ago, the day after the biggest ice storm this part of kentucky had seen in over 30 years. It paid for it's self after about the 2nd week of doing insurance work after the storm. I rent it out with a man to operate it and a truck for $65.00 and hour with a 2 hour minimum. It has been a huge money maker for us. I love to see the other guys with brush piled a mile high on there trailers having to handle it several times and then find a place to dump or burn it. We are carefull what we chip and usually sell a few loads a months to the local schools for use on there playgrounds. Oak and maple make really nice chips. Did I mention all the firewood we $ell each year.

    Don't buy a little piece of **** that will cost you more than it will make you, just set-up a few brush jobs for the same day and rent a machine and be done with it. That is how we grind stumps, we rent a machine and keep it for about 2 days and do 30 or 40 stumps.
  8. specialtylc

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    You need a machine that is double the capacity of what you plan to put through it . 2.5 inch braches requires a 5 inch machine. When you try to run them at capacity they are real slow. I bought a used rental Vermeer 25 hp 5 inch from a national rental company 5 years ago. It had 900 hrs on it . Paid $6000. New cost is well over $10,000. Its been a trouble free unit. We use ours for tree branches only. Shrub trimmings are a waste of time.
  9. FearThisDeere

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    I have rented a 6" and 12" Vermeer a few times. Man that 12" is a machine. It takes anything that I can throw at it. Vermeer is the way to go for a chipper IMO, but then again, it is all that I have ever used.
  10. lawnmaniac883

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    Pretty much all the big brands of chippers are good, vermeer is most popular but by no means best, there are bandit and morbark as well.

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