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    Need help with price quote for 600 ton of wood to be ground & removed from a Government Naval base.
  2. D Felix

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    Are you looking to do it yourself, or sub it out?

    I assume this is Crane you are looking at?

    Something that large you will need a tub grinder to do anything very efficiently. There's a Vermeer store in Fishers, they can probably give you an idea on how long it would take to grind that much, and how much rental would be on a tub grinder.

    I'm not really interested in doing the work, but I am interested in why you are looking at it? If it's not something that you do everyday, why risk shooting yourself in the foot?

    What kind of wood are you looking at? Is it whole trees, chunks, stumps, what?

    As for trucking, you are looking at 30 tri-axles or so, assuming that you can get a full 20 tons per truck.... Something like that would have a lot more bulk than weight.

    It'd probably be best to sub something like that out, but the problem is that I have NO idea who to contact on something like that....

    You might contact some mulch suppliers and see if they would be willing to grind the wood this winter? Although they probably have their grinders commited that time of year. Forrest Commodities is near Paragon, Greendell's is near Mooresville.

    HTH. Good luck.


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