Wood-Mizer LT40 Hydraulic up and running in Terryville, CT

Discussion in 'Portable Sawmills' started by CutRight, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. CutRight

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    Purchased an LT 40 wood mizer over the summer to make lumber for my own use out of wood we acquire through projects. Also, starting to sell and cut custom lumber for local wood workers and others.

    Looking to put the word out of our services and trade advice.



  2. Mow-Daddy.com

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    Nice rig. Nothing more fun than cutting lumber. My brother an me had 3 circular mills 56" insert tooth blades. we cut around 1 million brd ft per yr. red oak, maple, basswood, and some ash. best 5 yrs. closed it down in 94 couldn't profit anymore timber was high lumber was low.
    Good luck enjoy !!!
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  3. HEMTT

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    Sweet machine, I want one!
  4. K c m

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    Hey guys. Got a few friends, one guy is a tree guy, one guy is a lawyer, and I'm the landscaper. (My house would be where the mill would be :)) haha just as a hobby to see what could happen. What was the price on that Cutrite?

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