Woodpecker tearing up lawn?

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    One of my customers said he seen a woodpecker pecking holes in the lawn! I haven't ever heard of this. Obviously after insects, but I am wondering if this is correct, I was thinking a skunk, but he said he watches the ******.
    Any suggestions?
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    I've observed flickers (in the woodpecker family I think) on my patio digging between the pavers for ants...I'd say let him eat...You could scout for insect numbers and treat if deemed necessary, but as long as the birds are helping I'd not treat. Maybe throw some divot mix in the holes if they are that bad?
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    Could be, but the bird is desparate for food for sure.....he might actually be a very smart bird, cuz most woodpecker species feed on tree trunk insects.

    Apply a heavy rate of Sevin insecticide on the lawn, water it in, and it should take care of the prob. You may also want to fill up bird feeders too, cuz these birds are attractive and fun to watch.:usflag:
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    What your customer saw is a Northern Flicker.

    Unlike most other woodpeckers, Northern Flickers are principally ground feeders, though they also forage on tree trunks and limbs. Northern Flickers feed principally on ants but also take other insects and some fruit, seeds, and berries.

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    The lawn is browning out the past couple weeks and that is where the bird is feeding. The holes are only being probed in the damaged areas. This lawn is usually very nice and they water during drought times. I am wondering if grubs are in abundance. I am going to test for them tomorrow.

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