Woods 2005 BH9000 back hoe w/20 hrs on it 4 sale

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by PMRT, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. PMRT

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    This unit has about 20 hrs on it. I bought it new. Homeown owned. Never used in business. Selling it only to buy the new model with a hydraulic thumb. Used equipment don't get any newer. Over 9 ft dig depth. 5100-5600 lbs of ripping force. 3 or 4 pt mount to your tractor. Two-stick control for easy use and micro-manipulation of dipper stick. Comfortable for long hours in the chair. Pass through area to reach both sides. See pics. I pulled this stump in about 45 minutes. Does NOT come with sub frame mount or hoses to attach to tractor. Pick up price: $6995. Located 20 miles S. of NH border in MA right off Rt 95. 978 239-0707 cell.

    New Kubota 001.jpg

    me and PJ at stump.jpg
  2. start2finish

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    nice tractor, we have a 4630 cab and love it. I bet it is hard to sit right behind the cab outside, knowing how close you are to comfort.
  3. PMRT

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    Not really. I only use the BH in the summer and being outside is fine. I do like the AC inside though, where I spend most of my time when using the unit. I got the extra heavy loader duty bucket. I had a hook welded to the top to hold a chain and added a hardened steel, add-on, replaceable front edge. Good decisions.

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