woods/Grasshopper 725 Hydro's ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fdcityronco, Aug 2, 2007.

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    I have a 95' woods front mount by research it's identicle to grasshopper 725. The mower has kubota 21 hp gas with 52" deck and has 2700 hrs yes she has been used. I bought the mower for $1900, it has been basically completely refurb, motor runs great and deck cuts great. I bought this mower with the intentions on cutting my personal lawn. I'm unsure if the hydro's have been rebuilt, now with the explanation and question. When I first start to mow the hydro's feel really good there not jerky, but the handles are uneven and the lickages have some play in them. To go forward they feel very strong but to reverse i have to pull the handles very close to me in order for them to ingage, secondly when I have been mowing for 20-30 minutes and/or I'm on an incline the hydro's don't seem like they have enough power to turn the wheel, in reverse only. Any explanation's. I will also add there is no fluid leaking from the units and the hydro's I believe are the gemini, if you lift the seat the filters are right there this machine does not have seperate pump and wheel motors. Thanks for any comments.
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    it might be time to service the hydraulic system - new fluid & filter. check w/ manual as to what type of fluid. might take some of the synthetic mobil 1 20w/50 like hustler does. check 1st though.
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    No, it does not take the synthetic oil in those hydros. I suggest the same thing. Change the filters and hydro oil. Also, if the linkage is worn and sloppy,it can cause the travel on the control linkage to get way out of adjustment. This will affact how far the handles move and how fast the trans. runs in forward and reverse.
    Check the idler springs, idler pulleys, idler pulley mounting arms, and v belts on the hydro. drives. If the belts get loose, it can make the machine jumpy and/or sluggish.

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