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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by puppypaws, Jun 18, 2009.

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    This is "TomberLawns" mower, we put the 33 Generac to a tough test today, just to find out exactly how much power it does have. My Hustler Super Z with the 28 efi will not move 6' into this grass until the engine would choke completely down. A person could not believe the power of this engine unless they were looking at exactly what I saw and made these pictures of. I watched this machine is total disbelief, he was not driving this mower the speed I only believed to be possible (the slowest it could run), we both decided he was running over 5 mph. He was driving the speed that looked to me; as what I see people normally mowing.

    This grass was dry and the temperature around 90°, he got to a drainage area coming directly into the lake (the same size grass) but the grass was full of moisture. He told me the mower had to be pulled back to handle the same grass but with moisture thrown into the picture. I called him on the phone and asked him how much hp he felt like the moisture laden grass pull away? He said, "it probably took 10 hp away from the engine." This is a more severe situation, but the boys up north that have been in wet grass for such a long period of time need more hp than some realize realize. You think, why do I need such a large engine to burn more gas, this so called large engine can burn less gas because it is never in a strain. "Tomberlawn", says his is around 1.3 gph, "Tacoma", says his 35 Vanguard is at 1.4 gph, and he is mowing a great deal of large wet grass. I think if "Tacoma" was running a 30 hp Kohler, it would be in full power mode at all times and still could not keep up and the fuel usage would be higher.

    This is one of the things I always speak of, it takes a great deal more hp for a deck to function properly in wet grass than perfectly dry grass. I would say for a deck to perform properly in the same size wet grass as it would if the grass were dry, you need 6 to 8 more hp, possibly more. You can be well assured that a 30 hp Kolher in reasonably large wet grass would pull down, where the big block 31 Kawasaki, 31 Vanguard and 33 Generac would never change sounds and would maintain full speed, along with full blade operating rpms. When you check the specs on big block engines they will show a difference in hp, but if you look closely at all the specs, along with torque curves, there is very little difference. I honestly don't believe you can tell a power difference in a 32 Vanguard versus the 35, or the 34 Kawasaki versus the 37.

    Check this out, "TomberLawn" mowing hay. Some people will say, no one in their right mind would put a ZTR in a location such as that, and thay may be true. We did it for the reason of seeing and showing that if it can cut this, there is no normal grass in any type mowing situation that will faze this mower in any way.



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    Here are more pictures in the jungle!




    WOODS BIG GRASS 10.jpg

    WOODS BIG GRASS 11.jpg
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    Here is a couple more! We all the know mower can't cut all this grass in one pass, so my wife is out there now making it look manicured as is possible. I watched her for a few minutes and never heard the 28 efi change sounds, that is the difference in completely dry grass.

    WOODS BIG GRASS 12.jpg

    WOODS BIG GRASS 13.jpg
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    Bump it up, to show the power!
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    oh yeah, such power. joking, i am sure. taht is tal stuff
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    nice pics!
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    Just buy yourself a 33 hp Generac already!
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    i was just curious why wouldnt you bail that and use the hay for stuff, or to sell or give a poor farmer that needed it???
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    It sure has a great deal of raw power, I doubt there are many zero turn mowers made that would cut that. I have some big grass left we are going to put a 3100 Ferris with a 37 hp Kawasaki in tomorrow. The salesman said they had not put one into really severe cutting, and they were actually interested in seeing what it could do. The deck has a great deal to do with whether it can rid itself of large quantities of grass. The discharge opening is of normal size on the Woods, not even comparable to the Scag Velocity discharge opening. That is one thing that makes it even more remarkable, being able to watch an unbelievable amount of grass come through that small opening.

    We are just seeing what these mowers can take, the farmers around here have so much hay this year they are not really interested. I have asked a couple and they turned it down.
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    Funny thing is, after bush-hogging at Puppypaws' farm, I went to my nicest yard and laid down a nice, smooth, striped cut. A very versatile mower indeed. I wonder what the Ferris will do in that stuff tomorrow. Kind of wish I could be there when Billy figures out a Super Z is a lot faster than a 3100.

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