Wood's Mow'n Machine 6225 hydro problem

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by T&J's Lawncare, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. T&J's Lawncare

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    Hi guy's n gals! I'm new to the site, hoping to find some options....Here's the deal I have a Wood's Mow'n Machine 6225 (which also is the same as Grasshopper so i'm told) Anyways, I picked this machine up for a good price hoping to get it repaired and ready for next season. the hour meter reads 405 hrs.....but it seems the left side hydraulic pump is bad, it will not move at all forward or reverse on the left side....just makes an awful whining noise. I have tried to find information on parts for Wood's but thats next to impossible. it looks that these pumps average around $650.00 for a rebuilt one. Is there any other route? like I am pretty knowledgeble when it comes to fixing things...is there a rebuild kit available? and would it be something i can do myself? I cant find a date on the machine to see when it was built but my guess from looking at the shape it's in and the hours i would have to say it is no more that 4 - 5 yrs old. Any information on rebuilding the pump would be greatly appreciated. links to web sites are always helpful.
    Model # 6225
    Serial # 728862
  2. Mowingman

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    Grasshopper has not built the Woods machine since the mid 1990's. However, if it has the all-in-one pump/wheel motor on each side, then you have an Eaton Gemini trans. system. These are rebuildable , but not by the average person. A good hydraulic shop MIGHT be able to rebuild it. Your best bet is to buy a new one from Woods. Since you have a serial number, your Woods dealer can get you a parts book, and prices on a new trans. If it is a Gemini, then $650.00 is a good price for a rebuilt pump/motor. Just be sure you get a warranty on that. I would not touch a rebuilt Gemini if it did not have some type of warranty.
  3. T&J's Lawncare

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    Thanks for the reply.....It does in fact have the Eaton Gemini pump/motor on each side. Any idea what goes wrong inside these? Is there any salvage places that would have a good used one ? would it just be a valve or blown seal or something? There has got to be a more affordable way to fix these...I have a friend of mine who has a shop thats gonna help me tear into it, we are gonna attemp the rebuild ourselves. I guess if it fails i will just have to shell out the $650.00 for a new one. At least it's near end of season so i have plenty of time to get it ready for next season.
  4. Mowingman

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    Any number of things can go wrong. It might be wear of metal parts, bearing failure, or seals. If you can get the numbers off of the Gemini case, your Grasshopper Dealer may be able to get you one that has been rebuilt at the Grasshopper factory. They do have a limited number of rebuilt units now and then.
    I have been to the factory school for rebuilding those, and I really do not want to attempt it myself. When you take the Gemini apart, there are steel balls in holes inside. If these fall out when you take it apart,and they often do, just throw the whole unit away, because you are screwed. Those steel balls MUST go back in EXACTLY the same hole they came out of. Each ball is machined to fit each specific hole, and the trans. will not work right if you mix them up. Good luck, you will need it.
  5. Liquid Cooled

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    Have you closed the bypass valve?
  6. T&J's Lawncare

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    No i havent closed the bypass valve...nor do i know where it is located....i can probably find it on the exploded parts view that i have downloaded.
    Would this be a remedy ? please explain
  7. Travis Followell

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    Yes the bypass valve must be closed because it is used to release pressure in the pump so the wheels will turn freely and the unit can be towed. The valve is on the pump and chouldn't be very hard to find. You will probibly have to have a wrench to tighten it up.
  8. bdietrich

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    We just bought a used Woods mow'n machine 6225. We got a smokin' deal on it because the left side was starting to go bad. You would have to push the left handle forward further than the right to keep it going straight. Since I used to be a mechanic and can typically fix anything out there, I figured I would buy it and fix it myself. I've torn into it and have checked everything out and cannot seem to find anything wrong with the hydro or any other parts on the left side. Any tips for what I might be missing? I don't want to just throw a bunch of parts at it if I don't have to or replace something that isn't broken, but I can't seem to figure out what's keeping the left side from moving.
  9. Jake Fox

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    Did you ever figure out your problem? I have a woods 1250 that has the same problem with the right side. I would assume there is way to adjust the pressure but haven't found it yet.

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