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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by sunny, Oct 9, 2003.

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    I have a Woods Mow'n Machine that I recently purchased used. Im very happy with its performance, but there are two issues that i think need to be ironed out. The first problem is that this machine seems to get stuck on the slightest of slippery turf. I have gotten stuck twice so far and needed help to get machine out of trouble. The tires are worn a bit, but I mean that if I am on the slightest incline, it will just spin the wheels. Any recommendations on tire brands-makes? Second, when both control levers are pushed forward to go straight, the machine seems to want to pull to the right. Any help would be great. I love this sight. New to posting, but I have been checking in alot. Keep up the great info!!
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    sounds like a simple linkage adjustment to get the tracking straightened out. I worked for a company for 2 years that ran 2 woods mow'n machines, a 48" and a 61". had to replace hydro pumps on both(not cheap might I add)and it was no picnic getting it to track straight but finally got it to go straight. Under the seat you will find the adjustable rods that connect the handles to the hydro pumps. With the drive wheel elevated and on jackstands, adjust these 2 rods by shortening or lengthening them until both wheels are stopped when the arms are in the neutral position. Once you have established that both wheels are in neutral, the forward and reverse tracking should be straight. And by the way; Ours was always getting stuck. Seemed like if you spit on the ground it would get stuck and spin the tires. I think it's weight has alot to do with it's getting stuck so easily. That's a pretty heavy machine and really stretched out. We just learned to use lighter/ smaller equipment in the really wet areas where we knew it would get stuck.
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    Thanks for the reply. Yes it is quite stretched of a machine, it leaves just enough room for my 48" walkbehind. I bought machine mostly for the collection system and some large, flat accounts I have. I'll try that adjustment trick first thing in the morning. Thanks again.
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    I have a M2050 I just bought new this spring. I had to adjust the tracking with the hydro linkage. It is a simple adjustment and only takes a five minutes or so. I have had to learn how to drive in order to not to get stuck. Not many of the Zero turn work well in ditch's or on steep slopes. I have been very unhappy with the way mine mows. I was scalping bad untill the dealer installed some rubber stops to limit the front axle travel. Most Z's do not have a pivoting axle. That pretty much stopped most of the scalping. I'm still not happy because it leaves wheel tracks (i think more than it should). I have tried to get the dealer to intall the wider rear tires. Mine has the 8:50's and most Z's have at least 10:50's. Do you have any of these problems? What size mower do you have?

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