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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by joshua, May 1, 2001.

  1. joshua

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    this year i put out about 1000 fliers, only had 6 calls from them, 1 customer. on the other hand from the customers i have and neightbors of them i have picked up 15 lawns, and 3 landscaping jobs already. next year i'm not even gunna waiste my paper or time making a new flier. it just doesn't seem worth it, plus the fact that i personly don't think it looks good that i would have to advertise, i feel its like saying i have no hope and need work so bad i don't know what to do.

    do you guys know what i mean? and if you did put fliers out this year did you get more new accounts from them or word of mouth????
  2. Greenkeepers

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    Word of mouth advertising is the best there is, and best of all it's free. We put out flyers and the majority of our new work has come from just being out or word of mouth.

    Good luck this season..
  3. 65hoss

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    I put out about 400 fliers a month ago. I got 1 call for an aerating job that we went and looked at today. I have increase over 50% just by word of mouth or people seeing me out and asking about theirs. Got 2 more just today from current customers.

    The best thing about these type are they already know that they want you when they call. I would bet that a majority of the word of mouth people know what your charging the person that recommended you. I've got every job but 1 this year due to that. The one I didn't was simply she really could not afford it. I knew this ahead of time. She needs the excercise anyway. She has about 100 lbs to lose.

    Mike and I have been very busy so there really is no need at this point to advertise anymore. We are growing now by just being reliable and giving quality work. It says a lot when a customer will recommend you. People hate looking like a fool.
  4. Runner

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    Word of mouth, without a doubt is the best advertisement and the greatest compliment one can recieve. Just remember these words though; Advice from an old college professor; A satisfied customer will tell two people while an UNsatisfied customer will tell six.
  5. lawnman_scott

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    Flyers work excellent for me, the best bang for my buck. And i dont think it looks like your begging for business, and if anyone says so, well when Mcdonalds and Wal Mart stop advertizing so will I
  6. Premo Services

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    This is a part of post from another thread but it fits here.I have done flyers and the people seem to be looking for the low price,because of the flyers that are put out telling of the LOW-LOW PRICES they charge. I have gone to growing my bus. through referrals only. The potential customer knows and appreciates the quality job that is being done at my customers property,and wants that job at their place also. These people know what you charge from your customer and seems like when I go look at their property tell them the prices, they accept,It is great( 5 new customers last year,and 2 new cust. this year).

    Runner, I had never really thought about the compliment thing until I read your post, you hit the nail on the head,and after reading your post it gave me a real good feling about how I have and will operate my business.
  7. joshua

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    oh yea, past 3 days i have gotten about 10 calls all from word of mouth, only thing is is that i might have to turn all of them down because i'm so busy as it is, i really need to add sanother crew so i can handle everything i have a chance to.
  8. lsylvain

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    i put out 2500 fliers last year only got 2 calls and no work. this year i put out 100 and got 2 cust. both can see other jobs of mine from their houses. so from now on it's just postering the neighbors houses when i get a new job. I've gotten better returns on my yellow page adds.


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