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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by VO Landscape Design, Feb 17, 2008.

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    I have a Bank that wanted to rip out all the evergreens from there drive through area and replace them with new nicer ones. They old ones haven't been trimmed since they were installed 7-8 years ago. The officer at the local bank needed to check with the main office to make sure what they wanted to do. Made up a nice proposal with Pro Landscaper (Drafix) and brought it in for her review. She loved it, "let me check with the home office" she said. A few days later she said he just wanted them trimmed up, which I had told her they would look horrible for about 2 years till they filled in. She agreed. Now they would like a quote on trimming them up. How can a contract be worded so that when they are trimmed, "they will look horrible till they grow out", they will not be on your butt about how they look. The way "He" sounds they want a miracle for little of nothing. I would really like this account but I need some way to convey this is going to look bad for awhile because you didn't have them serviced like you should have.
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    -Prune evergreens at drive-thru area so that branches will not interfere with traffic or visibility.
    -Clean up and dispose of clippings.


    NOTE: Most of the foliage will be removed to reduce shrubs to desired size. After severe pruning evergreen foliage may take several years to fill in.

    Have the bank officer sign the contract. Their signature acknowledges the terms of the contract including the description of what the shrubs will look like.
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    Plus add...No guarantee can be made on looks, health or survival of any severely pruned or topped plants
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    its called restorative pruning
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    Thanks. Will see how they react.
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    price it the same price as the new tree installation:) that way u get your money and u make it look nice, haha

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