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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by SangerLawn, Jun 24, 2009.

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    I am just throwing the law out there. It is illegal to TOUCH the actual mail box. Many postmen will not do anything as long as you are not impeding their jobs by putting fliers on the box as long as you don't put it inside. BUT it is still against the law to put something on the mail box, every mail box is considered federal property. You get a postman pissed off at the world and your flier falls on the ground bc it is in jammed behind the box and the flag. Then he has to get out of the truck and pick it up.... He can report you!

    I am just passing that on to the new people because it seems stupid but it is the law and people have been fined HEAVILY for it.
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    It is perfectly ok to put it on the post of the mail box or in the paper holder/hole under the mail box if it has it. Just can't touch the actual mail box
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    I know the feeling of the big dogs in town looking down on you like you're an idiot. They have their new Exmark Navigators and I am on an old Husky. They just stop and stare at me for a couple minutes like I am a complete ******. If they want to earn their $12/hour and make fun of the guy netting $50/hour that's up to them.
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    Welcome to the business What I would like to tell you is nrver listen to anyone that says do not do this because there is already to many people doing it. Beccause so many quit every year or do not keep customers happy by showing up and doing the little things. Make your customers feel special and needed it will pay off. Most mow and go guys will not even stop long enough to say hello to there customers. If i can help you i be happy to I am in nashville also.
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    I love talking to my customers! I always chat for a min and show interest in whatever they have going on, do a quick walk around with them and jot down any issues they may have, always always keep the lines of communication open with your customers, they don't want to feel like your just showing up and taking their money.
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    Awesome reading material!! I'm starting my company next spring 2014 and I have a decent amount of start up cash set aside for this but not enough to buy everything new not that I would want to after reading 100s of post about start up but I do have a 06 ram 1500 and a 6x12 enclosed trailer that I just purchase a couple of weeks ago and now I'm in the process of finding a nice used 36" walk behind mower I've seen a few in the 1500 dollar range but I think I'm going to wait and see what else comes up since winter has just started in NC
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    washing and a lil paint never hurt anything, if you can get good used equipt by all means do so, it's just hard to find and it's a risky proposition at best, your time is better spent selling and marketing your company rather than fixing that mower that you got that "KILLER" deal on.
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    I agree. I got a great deal on a 34in Gravely WB a couple years ago, guy bought it right before he got out of the business, paid $1500 for it and it only had like 30 something hours on it. Short of that I would buy new equipment. There are way too many unknowns out there when it comes to the maintenance and use of this equipment.
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    There are great deals out there all the time.

    I came across a 28" Sears two stage snow blower. Sold new $1,100.

    Lady owned it 4 years. Hardly used it. Still looked new. Needed nothing. I changed the oil and have used it for three years.

    Bought it for $150.

    Though it has been the only great deal I have come across at the start of my 6th year of snow removal.

    $0 is the money I have spent on great deals on Landscaping equipment because great deals do not come around every day.

    A great deal is a lucky deal.

    You need to have three things to have a great deal.

    Equipment that is priced to be a steal.

    You have to find out about it before someone beats you to it.

    You must have the cash to take advantage and buy it.

    This is why you can not start up a business based on finding great deals.
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