Wore out Hydro's on old Toro

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by David Corbett, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. David Corbett

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    I have an old Toro "Proline 724-z" the hydro's are wore out, can I rebuild these myself or should I pay to have it done? I am cheep so any suggestions are welcome. The engine is strong and the old mower still has some lawns left in it.:) I live in North Texas so local sources or internet sources are welcome. Thanks. DOC
  2. Mr.Wrench

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    Hi Dave, Most hydro pumps and motors are relatively easy to rebuild. If your machine has a lot of hours on it I recommend rebuilding both pumps and motors. If you have a reliable parts source that can supply you with the proper overhaul kits and a good service manual, you should be able to do the job if your mechanically inclined and have patience(this is key). Another important thing when rebuilding these units is a very clean work area, a parts washer with uncontaminated solution and plenty of clean rags. If you don't think you will be able to tackle the job, be sure to bring it to a shop that will do it right the first time. I've seen some customers go through nightmares with hydros because they wanted to save a few bucks and did it themselves or had a "friend" do it. The machine always ended up back at our shop with a box of parts on the seat. :cry: We tend to charge a little more when machines come in as a basket case.
  3. fjhemmer

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    Remember that when you take the hyro out there are left and right sides. It is extreemly important that you reassemble them correctly or they will turn backwards. The parts are available from your Toro dealer.:confused:

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