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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BVLAWNCARE, Nov 14, 2004.


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    Hey guys,
    I am getting uniforms for my guys. I was online checking out a company that sells work uniforms called Automotive Workwear. (make clothes for mechanics, landscapers, ect) They company that actually makes the uniforms is called Dura-Kap Undustrial. I was wondering if any of you guys uses these clothes and if anyone knows about their quality ect...

  2. paponte

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    We use Cintas, and actually rent the uniforms. something stains or rips and you get a new garment. :)
  3. NNJLandman

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    Went out to old navy bought some matching jeans for my employee and myself and a matching plain shirt, works good for us, nothing flashy or special. I saw one guy at a snow equipment show with a bright yellow shirt. Give me a break lol, bright yeller with his company name on it.

  4. Smithers

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    I was actually thinking of posting a thread or doing a search asking what other companies do for their outfits.

    I can go to Office Depot and get some shirts with our logo, but i have to buy a minimum of 12 at $14/each. I dont know what the quality will be though. We are only 2 people

    I have not heard of the companies you mentoned
  5. alpine692003

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    I have forest green long sleeved shirts with company logo and I will be getting my guys cargo pants and cargo shorts..

    The reason I choose cargo was the guys were often complaining of running back and getting bags, hand pruners, etc...

    So with the addition of the cargo pants, they will be able to put stuff in the little pouches!
  6. Smithers

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    Guys, when you post information about the uniforms, let us know what company you used and how you like the quality of the clothes. Or if you got them at the store.....let us know what store you got them at.
  7. lafrance4078

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    Next season, I am going to be in a custom embroidered shirt, and a pair of khaki pants or shorts. As for the person working with me, he will be in the same shirt (green polo w/company logo) but they will be made to wear pants if he is working with machinery that day. Probably will be wearing a pair of carharts and dark brown work boots. My goal for next season is to look as professional as possible while promoting our company and being as safe as possible.
    A friend of mine's wife does embroidery. She said to e-mail her my logo and she will have it digitized and then she will show me her embroidery catalog. It has shirts and pants and all sorts of things that she can order to embroider on. Or, I can give her the shirts to embroider. I will let you guys know how it works out.
  8. trying 2b organic

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    embriodery or silk screen?

    I had my logo embroidered on my hats and shirts. The hats are great but on the shirts.... around the tag the shirt wrinkles in the dryer and looks stupid unless you iron it--(ya right). After only one season the shirt is starting to rip around the embroidery tag.
    I think I should do a silk screen and make it bigger for the work t-shirts. them make one "boss" shirt with a collar and the embroidered logo.

    Also, I seriously thought of putting "Please Stand Back" or something on the back so drivers realize I am not going to see or hear them and clients dont walk up behind me when equipment is running. but im worried about giving off and unfriendly vibe.
  9. DuallyVette

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    We wear a light grey golf shirt. About $25 ea. I have to order a couple dozen at a time from a local sport uniform co. They last a long time. Screen printed T shirts look like underwear or beach wear. In the winter, we top these off with dark green sweat shirts and jackets. All embrodered.

    Shirts sm.jpg

    shirt floor sm.jpg
  10. ICE

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    Hey guys,

    If you are looking for just one or two shirts or something like that, check out They do single order stuff to multiple order. Custom shirts, you provide the logo/image/whatever, and they put it on the shirt that you choose. They have golf shirts, t-shirts, etc, etc, etc... They also do other things, like bumper stickers, Christmas cards and things like that. Just something that you may want to check out. I think that I am going to get a golf shirt with my logo on the front for next year. I think that it would add a little class when going to give an estimate or something like that. BTW, if any of you do order from here, put down how well you like the service and item that you got. As for me, I have not worked with them yet, but plan on doing it soon.


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