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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by JContracting, May 29, 2012.

  1. JContracting

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    Their truck is an 03 or 04, I can't remember. So it's an early engine of the 6.0, where a lot of the problems were.

    The reason I don't want a 7.3 is the manual locking hubs, when going between stops, I always put it back into 2wd and I'd prefer not to get out to have to manually lock/unlock the hubs. They're also very hard to find in good shape for a decent price around here. As for judging an entire brand off 2 engines, that's half of their diesel engines, if half are troublesome, that's not a great ratio. ;)

    A 6.7 is definitely not in my budget this year, 50-60k, not going to happen when it's going to be a work truck.

    If I were to buy a dump truck right now, if I could find it, it'd be a 7.3 w/ aluminum bed and it'd be used for salting.
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    You do not have to lock hubs on a ford. It's a fail safe in case your vacuum fails and you need 4wd

    I wouldn't buy a 7.3 too old and weak. 05+ 6.0s are good. Job 2 6.4s as well
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  3. JContracting

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    Thanks for clearing that up. My buddies with the 6.0 had one of their hubs explode earlier this winter & after getting both replaced, they have to manually turn them to go into 4wd.

    The chances of finding a 7.3 w/ aluminum dump bed are pretty scarce, but that'd be the only Ford I'd buy. When I do purchase a dump truck, it'll be a Chevy most likely.
  4. landscaper5

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    I think I will do something similar. I will Probally just go to a community college and get a hort. Associates there. Do you think you would be where you are today with out the degree?
  5. LawnMan19

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    Yes, a 05' or newer 6.0 would be fine. And I would have a hard time buying a gmc/Chevy dump because of how hard it is to find a reasonably priced one in the F-450-550 range and well you can't by a new one.
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    My parents would not have let me move home from UND if I wasn't going to be going to school. So I don't really know where I'd be had I stayed at UND but I wasn't happy there so I'm happy with the decision I made. I guess you could say I would definitely not be anywhere without getting the degree.

    I'm definitely glad I went to school where I did for though, there are a couple other programs around me and Anoka Tech's was superior to the rest. Just the fact that my one of my teacher's owns a high end hardscape design & install company and has been in business for just over 10 years sets their program above the rest. Granted his business isn't a multi-million dollar enterprise with several crews but that's not what he wants it to necessarily be. The network of colleagues that are around my age that I met that are both employees within the industry & are also owners themselves was very beneficial as well. The other teachers that have a science background were extremely knowledgeable as well and I learned a TON about the plant & soil science that I never would have learned reading lawnsite or somewhere online because we did hands-on labs about so many things from growing trees from seeds to how soil breaks down. Taking that knowledge and being able to use it to help sell my company's services is priceless.

    One of my ultimate goals is in 5-7 years when my company is in the high 6 figures or 7 figures is to go back to my school and speak to all the students that are in the program on building a lawn/landscape/snow business to show that I came through the program and built a successful company and didn't just become some $18/hr foremen like most would believe that program graduates become.
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    Yea bro i lock my hubs at the beginning of the storm, and unlock when the plow comes off. Shift on the fly 4wd so i pop it in and out while making u turns or on clean roads. Ps i rolled 180k on my 6.0 today, if you do it right theyre great and you can buy thrm real cheap do to all the misinformation people spread. Not much room for blind brand loyalty in business, i bought a ford because it was cheap as hell and that seems to be the trend since theres a million on the road
  8. landscaper5

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    I want to get some education in something related to landscaping. I want to be real knowledgable. I defiantly believe clients will value me much more if I am very knowledgeable on landscaping. I also feel it would open me up to a lot more profitable jobs. There is just no way like you said you can learn everything a college course would teach you on plants/landscaping from reading lawn site.
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  9. JContracting

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    Figured I'd share this.

    3 years ago today while in college full time at the young age of 19 I decided to place my future into my own hands & registered my company, it's crazy how time flies! It was certainly a lot to juggle while in school. If I only knew then what I know now! I never imagined having everything that I have this soon, as I started with nothing more than my laptop & ambition and this is just the beginning. Looking forward to another great year with lots of big things in the works!
  10. rlmlandscape

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    All good points here on this debate of truck vs trailer. Considering that your looking to grow into two crews I would go with the dump trailer first in case you don't get enough work for both crews this year. I bought a 16' dump trailer last year and absolutely love it.

    When you do have the funds buy a dump truck also. This way you can leave the dump trailer at the job site to be loaded with debris and use the truck to run materials to the site. No having to wait until your done tearing out to get material or until days end to load up debris. Also dump trailers can be loaded with compact tractors and mini track loaders which don't have the reach to make it over the sideboards on a dump truck.

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