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Work, Equipment, Truck, Toys, Etc

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by JContracting, May 29, 2012.

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    JContracting LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,878

    Wow it's been since May that I've even logged onto Lawnsite!!

    I didn't sign on with LMN for the 700 systems, I'd rather not pay the additional money during the winter when we likely aren't going to use the system until March.

    It has been a crazy season to say the least. Employees, my health, customers that drove me up the wall, starting another business, and more.

    The year has been good so far. We are on track to hit our marks for the year despite me having to almost take 1.5 months off, thanks to some great employees and things are already looking good for next year as well.

    It all began in early June, first having some digestive tract things happen & I saw a doctor for it, it's a bit TMI so I'll leave that out :), but a week or so later it was another long day and I had a coffee cooler drink from Caribou in the afternoon after my 1-2 cups I had in the morning. My stomach right then and there did not feel right. The next two nights were not fun, uncomfortable bloating amongst and discomfort and I was barely able to get any sleep. So I scheduled a doctor's appt and the internal medicine doctor I saw diagnosed me with Gastritis (an inflamed stomach/GI tract & ulcers) and I was told to give up all acidic foods, greasy, chocolate, spicy, alcohol, etc. And so I did along with taking an acid reducer medication.

    I then did a bunch of online research on coffee and what it can do to your stomach and small intestine, I didn't like what I saw so I dropped it, even though I only had a couple cups per day, the next week was miserable. I had absolutely no energy to do anything, so I had to rely on my employees to handle the labor intensive work. Since stopping coffee, except maybe a small cup here & there because I enjoy the taste of it, I always drink it with a full stomach. Since I stopped I no longer get the 2-3pm tiredness, no more headaches (even if I drink some beers the night before), and since I've DRASTICALLY improved my diet (basically everything I eat comes from Whole Foods or Natural Grocers), talk about a true energy boost.

    Then after the 4th of July weekend, my right side had some discomfort, so I went to the internal med. doctor again, and thought my pancreas, liver, or kidneys had issues since I drank alcohol the weekend before (I'm 24 years old and single, I don't think it's a huge deal to drink a few beers with my friends over the Holiday weekend). Had an ultrasound, showed absolutely nothing wrong, still had some discomfort, I decided to see my primary care physician. Which brings me to last week when I saw her, after asking me a lot of questions, she was able to determine the issues being primarily stress related & caused. The early issues were diet & stress related and the latter issues were stress related, thinking nonstop and worrying about what could be wrong made things worse. It seems that stress affects people differently, some get headaches, while others get neck or back aches, for me my digestive system goes awry from stress, so in the past week I've drastically reduced my stress level. While this whole experience was terrible, it certainly made me stronger and helped me realize that we are simply providing a service be it maintenance or install, if something goes wrong or gets delayed, it's not the end of the world and it's not like we're a search & rescue team digging in post-avalanche snow. My doctor also recommended a bunch of different breathing exercises, books, apps, YouTube videos, and more. Needless to say I'm certainly on the right track to actually being healthy. One of my new favorite sayings is #HealthIsWealth because it is very true. Last week was my first week feeling truly healthy enough to get back in the gym and be really active and tomorrow & Saturday I'm taking some time away from work to go riding (motocross) with some friends, it's been since April that I've gotten to ride more than one practice session (Millville Pro MX Nat'l weekend I rode Thursday practice but it started raining right away and the track was a mess after the first session).

    The customer that set off all the issues was the retaining wall customer we had last fall, we went back in early June to clean up the yard and adjust some caps, as well as extend the drainage pipe, amongst a bunch more nonsense this scumbag customer (still hasn't paid the remaining balance and those that don't pay their bills are scumbags in my opinion) wanted us to do when I finally said enough was enough. The guys spread out the black dirt that went atop the turf prior to sod and then while they were picking up the sod, a storm came through and washed away a bunch of the dirt down the hill and made a sloppy mess where the sod had to be laid. :angry: I went out there to help them lay the sod and it was awful, if you've ever walked through slippery and sloppy mud while avoiding stepping where a piece of sod was going to be rolled out, you'd understand. He then wanted us to roll the sod and some other unnecessary things because he thought "it looked uneven", I made damn sure nobody stepped ahead of where a piece was going to be rolled out because I wanted us to spend as little time there as possible since it took longer due to the muddy conditions. Finally that job was done. The final invoice was sent shortly after and what do you know, no payment yet. :hammerhead: An invoice was just sent last week so we'll see if it comes in this month. :rolleyes:

    Now, onto some good news! Since I had more spare time this winter than I expected, I did a TON of research on other sources of income and started a new company, it is 100% internet based as of right now. I am planning to have the first products launched by the end of this month, but hopefully sooner!!

    The health issues delayed this quite a bit as when I'd even work a partial day with my landscape biz, I'd be too wore out to do my internet biz work. I am planning to have these products as a sponsor on this site as well as plowsite. If anyone really wants to know the details, PM me as I'm going to keep it a secret until I'm ready to generate some buzz upon its launch.

    I already know some will talk sh!t about what I'm doing with the new biz (I've already had caught some BS from a friend and even some extended family members), however I don't let haters affect what I'm doing one bit because they're usually jealous. :D

    This was long enough, back to work for me...
  2. OP

    JContracting LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,878

    My new business has finally launched its first product!

    Here's my post from the Sponsor section of the forum:

    I'd like to announce that my new eBook (& business document package), "The Rookie's Guide: Starting & Operating Your Own Lawn Service Business" is officially a sponsor of the site!

    I've been a member on here for quite a while and with my company's success, I wanted to help people that were in my position when I started out. I had very little business management knowledge aside from accounting and some equipment operation knowledge. Along with my degree in Horticulture, I have learned an incredible amount within a short period of time with growing my business!

    With my new guide, you'll learn how to properly register your business, how to actually price your company's services (no $1 per minute nonsense), step-by-step instructions for doing all maintenance services, why I you should not chase commercial bids, and so much more.

    Right now I'm running a launch sale for just $27. In about 5 days, the price will increase to $57.
    Included are 13 different business management documents - job-site work logs for each service, a customer meeting report, basic estimate & invoice forms, etc.

    For an additional $27, the ultimate business management document package is available. This includes 35 different customizable documents such as service contracts, subcontractor contract, the best proposal template available, multiple letters to send to customers - early spring renewal, "Thank You", etc., employee application & agreement, tax prep assistance forms, and more.

    Enter Lawnsite15 at checkout for an additional 15% off!

    The book & documents are available at: www.StartALawnServiceBusiness.com


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