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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by burlap, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. burlap

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    from Indiana
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    I would like advice on which ZTR in addition to dependability would be user friendly when it comes to repair and service. I would like to pick up something used that I can work on myself. I have other mowers so dealer location is not critical. UPS seems to be a critical link independent of location. The mechanically friendly aspect is quite important to me. It would be for personal use on only 2-3 acres. Thanks, Burlap
  2. skurkp

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    I purchased used Hustler 60" ZTR's and I work on them myself. I don't have any experience with other mowers but I like my mowers. From talking with others the part most expensive is the deck so I would ask how long do the decks last and the cost to replace. The place where I keep my equipment, the owner mows and has a turf tiger and tells me the deck is bad and is going to cost him $4000 and I asked about the decks on the Hustlers and I am told $2000- $3000. Just glad my mowers work pretty well. Also I understand some of the manufactures don't like to warranty the hydraulic pumps if you don't replace the drive wheel motors. Land pride will warranty the pumps alone for at least 90 days with out changing the drive wheel motors. Like I said I don't have a lot of experience with other brands. Good luck!! I have found also that everyone has a different experience with the different brands.
  3. iluvscag

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    Scag Turf Tiger. :)
  4. DaveVB

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    Toro's are the simplest machine on the market. Simple means less to break, less to work on.
  5. carb454

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    Hi burlap, I would want to know if this is for a business application or residential use for your own lawn... I like commercial units for longevity and dependability ,they are much more proven than the new BigBox style units cropping up...

    For commercial use I would reccommend Hustler , Scag , Gravely, & Lesco now to be fair I have no experience on Ferris ,Toro, Bobcat or others...but have looked them over

    But what I do know about Hustler is the super Z has active coolers for the hrydo & crankcase oil ,this alone impressed me to the point of Drooling, lower temp lubrication equals longer bearing life and if you use synthetic oils you will get an added bonus.

    The scag would be my next choice ,then Gravely & Lesco rate fairly close IMO.

    Now for the Residential opinion, I mow about 5 acres and had researched ZTR's for a good 6 months,but only looked at the aforementioned units... I ended up buying a Lesco 60" with 25hp kawasaki engine and am happy with it ,But it is just for my 5 acres once a week so, While pricing & like yourself wanting a design that would be maintenance friendly it was obvious for me the Lesco wasn't going to be difficult to work on ...also the clincher for me was the pricing this past spring had been dropped to $5900 from $6399 so that was a done deal...
  6. Tider6972

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    The man asked which mowers are easiest to work on.

    I have no experience with Dixie Chopper other than a half day demo and research. But due to their simple design, I'd have to say Dixie: no electrical clutch, for example.

    My personal mowers [commercial] are Hustler, SuperZ 60", and a Gravely 34". They are both well designed and easy to maintain and work on. I recommend both brands
  7. carb454

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    Yea my mistake ,, Must of had two windows or something ...
  8. shortgut

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    lokk at the Scag line first then BAD BOY MOWERS

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