Work in Canada for the 2009 season

Discussion in 'Employment' started by CanadianLandscaper, Dec 1, 2008.

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    Top Notch Design Build Landscape Construction Company based in Alberta Canada is looking for experienced Landscapers.. Overtime after 8 hrs per day. $15-$24/ HR .Lots of opportunity to advance in a growing company for enthusiastic , energetic people.

    We are a well established business with over 40 years experience. We have numerous pieces of equipment, including 6 skid steers, 2 mini skid steers, an 2 excavators and all the other small equipment and dump trucks to ensure you have all the resources to do the job to the highest standards that we are known for. We pay time and a half overtime after 8 hrs. Per day. You will work approx 50-60 hrs per week while still enjoying every other Saturday and long weekends off. Wages range from $15-$24/hr depending on experience. We are a fast paced, high energy, exciting atmosphere for your career to blossom. We offer incentives such as tuition reimbursement for employees taking industry related courses and are committed to our own in house training program that is second to none in the industry.
    This position would start around April 15 2009
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    Hello, Can you tell me what positions are open with your company.
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    It would not matter if I was not looking for Anyone. I have never turned down any Experienced Landscaper ...ever.

    Obviously if someone is moving a great distance it is not likely that they are looking for an entry level position.

    As it states in the ad .... we are a design/build Landscape construction company. .... few of the more regular task would be , paving stone , retaining walls, a lot of natural boulder, trees,shrubs, sod and a few water features a year.

    Hope this helps.
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    Could you email me to discuss this further. Thanks!
  5. CanadianLandscaper

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    Done......btw ..interesting choice of name(fiction)
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  6. I am a college student with experiance in general construction, concrete, decorative concrete and what we see as simple common sense when it comes to labor. I am hard working and I have referances if you are interested, I would only be able to work for the summer however because I am a student. let me know if you wuold be interested in bringing me on....I will not let you down!
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    Interested please email and i will send you my qualifications

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