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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by ss13, Feb 15, 2014.

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    I did some really quick photoshop jpeg conversion of the header image and background image to get the file size down quite a bit. The header image is down from 647k to 74k and the background image is down from 255k to 21k. The files are attached.

    This should speed things up quite a bit. Speed is important! People will leave before your page loads and search engines will drop you from their results if your site doesn't load quickly.

    Hope this helps!



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    Thank you Yardsites!
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    Noticed the comment about mobile devices.

    Not sure what kind of customers you get, but I bet less than 1% of the people who ask me to work for them every researched my type of service on a mobile device. Typically a laptop or desktop.

    A lot of us don't cater to the text-ville crowd.

    Question ....

    Do you own the copyright to the header iimage? Because there's a copyright statement at the bottom of the page. And if the content is not all yours, then I wouldn't put a copyright comment on there.

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    With Google Analytics running on the site, it is easy to see how many mobile users there are; it's typically a lot more than people think. When looking at real time monitoring on websites we support, I've seen upwards of 50% of the users being mobile.

    You want a copyright on your website to protect your own content. Any image you use on a website should be licensed (or one that is your own work product), but regardless of that, you still have content of your own to protect. I've seen more and more website plagiarism occurring these days as people rush to launch websites or add content to a site and they simply copy & paste from other sites (which is pretty pointless as it won't be original content for you and Google will know that), but it is a way for people to content fast and, apparently, they can't even be bothered to at least reword it a little.

    As for the original posting, remember content is king. If your site doesn't have a whole lot to say, Google will have a hard time believing that it will have a whole lot of value to people.
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    Some folks believe that ... but I don't so much anymore.

    I've got 200 pages, so have plenty to test Google with and see what they really do or don't do.

    Google Hiouchi C a f e ... and see what an inexpensive 2 page website does with bare bones content. Bare bones exact content though. Had to space the letters cuz the forum is being stupid about a common restaurant title.

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    That isn't a practical example; that's using a highly uncompetitive search term which is also the TLD and the ****'s website. Content is still king, especially when highly competitive search terms are in play.
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    I would definitely ADD some graphics to the website, to catch their attention. I not only run a lawncare business, but I do graphic design as well, and its definitely an eye catcher.

    On the contact page, I would make a form where they can contact you, instead of just an e-mail link.
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    Messages: 169 this is for great web design. You will notice that they are simple clear designs. Personally I wouldn't have the wood background.
    I am getting my site re built having made the mistake of getting a friend to build the current on. We weighed up the costs of time and content management. If the site is not 100% correct people will exist it quickly. We decided to outsource the management of the site completely, the return on investment is expected to ten times investment (spend 10 get 100). Rather than waste money on seo we are going for adwords with google, for the same cost as the seo we will be on page one very quickly. Also with a well managed site Google will reckons that the content is reliable & worthy. This will pull us up the rankings, as we are seen as a good site the cost of adwords drops. In essence you may be on #1 slot but paying less than the guy at #6.
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    The example is completely practical.

    It was in reply to your claim that Google would have a "hard time" if there is little content. The example shows first and foremost that if the content is small, but accurate and present, Google won't have a hard time.

    Whether it's competitive or not doesn't mean Google will have a hard time with accurate text and content in relation to value. With the C A F E example, what dif does it matter whether 1 person or a milliion searched for it ... Google found and determined with computing power that the Hiouchi restaurant's site must have value. No hard time in that one.


    Search "hyperion redwood" ........... there's one highly competitive term and one probably not-so competitive. Look how Wikipedia's nearly threadbare page comes up on top.

    Now that's where I'd say Google is having trouble finding value. A page with virtually no content, but Google thinks it's valuable.

    On the other hand, the Wiki page does not mince words and has the relevant text. And that's the key point to begin with.
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    In your tree services section, you mention "clearing wood derbies".
    It should be debris.

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