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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by dllawson, Mar 20, 2013.

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    How much would your business improve if you actually spent 30 minutes a day working “on” it?

    I recently sold my share of a successful landscape business. I used my experiences growing that company to create a program to help other owners better manage their businesses. I am convinced if an owner will work on their business for 30 minutes a day, they can drastically improve their company in a very short time. It is easy to read books and think about change, but my goal is to help owners actually spend time working on their businesses.

    The program includes a 5 minute daily lesson based on the following topics: Monday – time management, Tuesday – customer service, Wednesday – quality, Thursday – efficiency, Friday – marketing. More importantly, each day also includes 30 minutes of action steps to apply the lesson to your business. You can see an introduction to the program here, and a sample day here.

    I would like to do one more test group before I do a final edit and start advertising the program. I started a test group last month for Fix Your Business on the Toilet, but it did not get going the way I hoped it would. Some people also thought the name stunk, so I will also be working on a new title.
  2. dllawson

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    I would like to have 5 owners who will commit to going through the program, giving me their honest feedback, and agree to post weekly comments on this thread. I am looking for owners of 1 or 2 crew companies who need to spend less time on a mower and more time working on their businesses, and owners of 2 or 3 crew companies who need to start turning over some responsibility to a key employee.

    I would like to select a group by Friday. If you are interested, please include a little information about your business. Let me know your sending a PM if you don't want to make this information public.

    Where are you located?

    How many crews do you have? What is your approximate revenue? Are you still full or part-time in the field?

    What is the biggest business challenge you would like to overcome?

    What is your most important goal for 2013?
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    Maybe I'm missing something?? 30 mins a day?? I do that by the time I'm on my second cup of coffee.
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    Your program is for mowing companies only

    Your title need to be changed.
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    Sending you a PM now
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    I think there are some very good ideas (along with some common sense too) in this package. Personally March is always the busiest time of year for me. I go from 7:00am til I run home to help out the kids to bed...and now this damn snow won't go away! I do plan on setting a few minutes a day to start implementing some of the stuff outlined here. Overall I think it's a good thing to do if nothing else it brings things to light that may go unnoticed.
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  7. dllawson

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    I am just about ready to get this test group started. I will email out the first week of the program to those of you who are part of the group later today.

    I would really like to add one more company. If you are located near Atlanta or Charlotte and would like to participate, let me know.

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