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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LawnExperts, Jun 30, 2019.

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  2. KerbDMK

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    But I had just made an unbiased post about what I liked and disliked about the pair of Kujos that I purchased. My post was real and not bought.

    If you had said that you have seen both good and bad reviews of Kujos at least you would have been unbiased even though you have never owned a pair of Kujos yourself. Just saying “I seen negative reviews on YouTube” gives the impression that Kujos must then be bad and that people should disregard my post.

    You discredited Kujos and my opinion of them without even trying a pair and then complained that you don’t trust the reviews because you think they are “bought” what you did was just as bad as what you are complaining about. :laugh:
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  3. Reedo

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    I have been a fan of Lowa boots lately. I started with a couple pairs of Renegades and like them better than almost everything else I have tried. Recently I tried a pair of the Lowa Camino GTX and they are a major upgrade so far over the Renegades.
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  4. kemco

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    For spray apps muck chores, full height. Same pair now for 5 years. Insoles getting a little worn out but the outsides are still like new, tread is still there as well.

    Every day mowing and landscape they used to be called GuideGear now HuntRite but it's the exact same boot I've been ordering for years. Just ordered another pair

    Waterproof all the way up to the top. Very comfy. For the price point they hold up nicely are not too heavy, actually I think on the lighter side. I can get at least one season sometimes almost 2 out of a pair and they are used a lot on rough jobs too.
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  5. Mattmowsgrass

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    no. I didn't discredit your opinion or review.
    my post wasn't even a response to you, I didn't even see your review.
    still haven't, but if you enjoy them, great.
    My post was true, I seen bad reviews on youtube.
    the good reviews I saw on YouTube were sponsored, or al least seem to be sponsored.
    I didn't complain about anything, OP asked for recommendations, so I gave him one.
    I have no opinion on Kujos, good or bad.
    That's why I didn't leave my opinion on them
    I do have opinions on some of the YouTube reviews though, I seen. Those would be the reviews I was referring to. I also have an opinion on the boots I reccomenended.
    If your review is on YouTube, send the link, I'll gladly watch.

    Sorry I hurt your feelings. Please forgive me.
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  6. paulsgrass

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    A pair of sneakers works fine.
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  7. Mumblingboutmowers

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    Yes, until:
    You step in water trimming a ditch line.
    You step on a rusty nail or other sharp object that comes through the shoe.
    You drop something heavy on your foot.
    You have a snake biting at your ankle.
    You have a hard push deck lift on your ZTR and develop foot problems over time.
    You walk over a nest of ground bees, with bees stinging your ankles.

    You use your body to make a living and if your body gets damaged your way of life is damaged, not to mention medical bills.

    Lecture over.
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  8. sjessen

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    I am so guilty of making decisions without think of the "what if's."

    Helpful post.
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  9. KerbDMK

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    My review of Kujo shoes was post number 11, the first post on the second page of this thread. I think it would help you greatly if you would bother to read all the posts in the thread before you make comments of your own.
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  10. KUMA01

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    I use merells for my mow shoe. Lineman boots for firewood tree and rock related. And also a pair of Justin’s generally for anything else.
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