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  1. sjessen

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    Some shoes are safer than others. If it cuts down even one workmen's comp claim it was worth it.
  2. K c m

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    That is awesome Tara! what style do most of your employees get? Carolinas are indestructible. 7 days a week use and you'll get 2 years in them no problem.
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  3. God'sGreenGrass

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    Ariat boot through and through. Only other pair I had were Justin's boots. Hated them though bc where you slide your heel in against the leather broke, so it would rub PAINFULLY on my heel.
  4. Cam15

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    Lol, im a Justin guy had em for 2 years and loved em time to get another pair though.
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  5. Grass Bass

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    I say this in FULL confidence. Thorogood 6" or 8" American heritage moc toe boots will not disappoint. VERY comfortable boot and holds up great. They are mad of heifer leather so its softer and breaks in fast vs. red wings bull leather. Trade off red wings will outlast them.
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  6. Geronimo

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    Danner boots, can't wear them out!
  7. PremierLandscapeForsyth

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    Oakley Assault boots they are the most comfy boots I have ever worn they are more comfy than my normal sneakers and would run a 5k in them. The only downside to Oakley boots is they wear out relatively quickly, but I find the comfort far out ways the cost.
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  8. Treflan can

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    Wolverine floorhands. These fit a bit loose with more room in the toe like rubber boots. Under $100. Very comfortable and easy to out on and take off
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