Work Shop Given on Lawn Care Health Hazards

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    Work Shop Given on Lawn Care Health Hazards

    EAST LONGMEADOW, MASSACHUSETTS (WWLP) - The nice green lawn you have may be impacting your health. Wednesday night in East Longmeadow, the Department of Environmental protection held a workshop to inform homeowners on how to grow a healthy lawn. Environmental experts say some of the chemicals and pesticides used on lawns to keep them green and weed free have been found to have serious health risks. “It’s important to your health, yourself, your children, and pets. There's been a lot of information about increase child illnesses and development disorders… A lot of evidences link them to a lot of pesticides and stuff that we use on our yard," said recycling consultant Arlene Miller. The D.E.P says people should use as little pesticide as possible. They suggest when you have weeds: pull then out instead of killing them. Homemade Lawn Tonic: 1 can of soda (not diet), 1 can of beer (not light), ½ cup of liquid dishwashing soap, ½ cup of mouthwash, ½ cup of household ammonia. Mix together in a 10-gallon hose-end sprayer. Apply every 3 weeks. Mow lawn late in the evening and apply lawn tonic immediately thereafter.
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    "½ cup of household ammonia"
    yeah, no toxicity in that?????

    "Environmental experts" ...........who says they're experts?????

    "A lot of evidences link them to a lot of pesticides and stuff that we use on our yard".....and our dry cleaning and our carpeting and our...well the list is very long

    but, hey thanks for the info......[shaking my head...*sigh*]
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    Was spraying at a plant today and the workers got questioning me about what I was spraying asking about odor and so for but the best question was when they asked if it caused cancer, thought that was funny considering they work at a chemical plant and use some very lethal and known cancer causing chemicals in there process.

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    I got a kick out of the can of beer.

    Who says lawn care can't be fun!

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    Jerry Baker strikes again.
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    I'm writing an article right now for a local gardening magzine on this very line -- The responsible use of pesticides and how the chemicals found under your sink are often more dangerous to the end user than the pesticides applied to their lawn by licensed applicators.

    Also similar to the debate about using horticultural vinegar instead of round-up. Vinegar (thought to be the safe alternative) will eat the eyeballs out of their sockets where round-up (the eveil 'chemical') barely stings.

    Unfortuantely --- PERCEPTION is REALITY!
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    Unfortunately---- PERCEPTION is REALITY


    You should have posted this in the orgasm forum. Bioman would love it.

    Now Pesticides are responsible for some of are world problems today. Over human population of third world countries is directly the result of pesticides. Over production of US grain is also a result of pesticides. This leaves us with the problem of shipping our excess grain all over the world to counter our huge trade deficit.
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    Like TSM, I would be interested in finding out what entitles someone to be called a "Environmental expert" as well as a "recycling consultant." I have a compost pile in the back lawn that I have used for several years to add organic matter to beds, gardens etc, maybe that makes me a "recycling engineer," perhaps I am merely a "vegetative decomposition administrator."
    I have grown weary of our friends on the far left. The harassment, the protests and the resulting removal of excellent controls that have shown virtually no adverse effects to the environment (ex.- Confront). Unlike my unkempt, sandal wearing, granola eating, banner waving breathren, I attempt to leave my mind open to the ideas that they believe will ultimately "save the earth." Not all the ideas they have are detrimental to our industry...just most of them. While there is no room for the outright abuse of our planet and the former should be penalized with swift retribution, I also believe that latitude should be given to those that are trying to improve our lawns and landscapes in a responsible manner. The frequent visitor(s) to this site know that most people come here to get good advice and they often get it, even if they are a novice or a "environmental extremist" simply here fishing for a fight. I find it hard to swallow that the same tolerance would be given to lawn care professionals if they asked for information on similar forums devoted to tearing down our profession.
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    "vegetative decomposition administrator."
    good one!
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    Let's just ban all pesticides & be doine with it. ALL OF THEM. Then when 50% of the earth's population has to die, let's see which one these liberal wacko freaks stands at the front of the line.

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