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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by lawnboy82, Jul 16, 2001.

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    hey all. i seem to be having a small problem. i have been busy now since about early march. it has been enough work to keep me, and at least 3 other people busy for 4 days a week, and then myself another 2 days on top of that. well this week i may have to give my guys off. because the work is starting to slow down. we got off a project a few weeks ago that we had been at on and off for about 2 months. now i am waiting on a lot of work for this fall. i have talked with several people, and they are waiting on permits, mostly builders. or they dont have the money right now, wait until the fall. or whatever it may be. so my question is this to you guys, what do you do for those few weeks in the summer when the work slows down, you are caught up on spring work, and nothing new is coming in, or what is in you are waiting on something. i do have to say this much though, this fall will be a real blast. lol
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    Well, we've been pretty fortunate this year. In years past, the doldrums hit about mid-June, and started picking up again in late July. This season I had about 1 week of slowing phonecalls, and we've recently been swamped again with calls. So things are going very well this year.

    I feel particularly fortunate this year because I know many competitors don't have near the work lined up we do.

    But in those year's past, when I had 4 weeks of work lined up and not much in the pipeline, I stepped up my marketing efforts. So unfortunately, if you haven't already done that, you may be bored for awhile. And it makes it harder to keep good people when you can't guarantee them consistent work. Do what you can now to juice your marketing, and remember this for next year.
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    Get out and hustle some work..maybe your guys won't mind time off this week but any more and they will be looking for work elsewhere. We are fortunate with landscape crews booked until September already (economy is booming here)..Generally a slowdown for us means Saturdays off.
  4. Randy Scott

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    Wow, two days ago lawnboy82 you had so much work you were going to charge people double time, you didn't know how to handle it and you were going to drive your truck into a tree. Now you think you need to lay guys off! Well which is it, alot of work or no work?
  5. Fine Lines Lawn

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    If it slows down too much Matt, you can visit Indy and give me a hand :)
  6. lawnboy82

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    the reason i said i wanted to charge double time, is because sometimes people call me up one night, tell me a descent size job has to be done within the next week, only have 2 days in which to do the work, and i wind up becoming a complete loon trying to get everything aranged. and it just pissed me off. so that is why i am doing it. because usually i have work lined up, however it was this way last year as well. for about a month or so all i do is cut. and if i get side work it gets done right away. in about another month i will have plenty of side work, just nothing for right now except lawns and landscape maintenance, and some small side work.
  7. lawnboy82

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    oh yeah, bill, line up some tree work, the kinds of things that are over houses, or lines, and that kind of good stuff. i wouldnt mind coming out for a bit and havin some fun. plus i got friends out that way anyways. think it over. hehe
  8. carl28

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    Booked Solid Through Fall 2002 for my construction crews
    Maintainence Crews get a reprieve in July and August most years except somebody forgot to tell mother-nature that it rains in the spring not all summer every day. stayin afloat literally.
  9. Rodney Johns

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    Get those guys out knocking on doors if you have to. Look towards pruning, walls, and some other things that can be done when the grass dries up. It comes in cycles but I never get the slow down. One thing I do is pay with comp time so my guys can take a paid vacation if they want to. Usually works well in the winter.

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