Work tee’s no longer have individuality

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by DVS Hardscaper, Oct 24, 2019.

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    let's keep the discussion on point, please...
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    I was told, but didnt check into it, any contractor working on a main street must wear either safety orange or green. Apparently thats the law around here. That might explain it.
    Also, last year I used printed forest green. Cotton shirts. This year i switched to orange fotl from walmart for a few reasons. 1, they are cheeper. 2 they fit better. 3 They dont shrink as much. 4. Moisure wicking. 5 generallly associated with contractors. 6 upf protection. 7 Dont show sweat as much. 8 Lighter. 9 and for the reason i listed above. And they look professional
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    What’s the topic of this thread?

    now that you’ve refreshed your memory
    Ask yourself what sense it makes to post
    “Omg looking like everyone else is the wave of a future”
    In a few months there will be a slew of threads from these very same people looking for advice on how to make their company’s stand out from the competition.
    These are the same people handing out estimates generated by QuickBooks.

    you know it
    You read all the same threads I do every year.

    and until someone is actually DOING the work... don’t talk to me about what anyone has read on google about homelessness.

    alcohol is still the number one substance involved in homelessness.
    Alcohol still has the highest probability of relapse it’s even higher than opioids.
    The major contributing factor is availability/price
    You can get it everywhere
    It’s almost impossible to avoid it.

    Real life facts beat google opinions everytime.
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    While we’re on the topic
    I’ve spent the last five years searching for a company uniform that met both the “individuality/branding” requirement and the “ANSI 2” safety requirements

    See WE do do a lot of highway/roadside work
    Not specifically the maintenance division, but having a different uniform for different divisions is wonky

    t shirts are low class and don’t give the employees the esprit de corps a full on uniform does.

    you want your employees to feel like they’re “Yankees”
    They’ve been accepted to a special team, they’ve made it and they’re “better” than the other guys.

    a fruit of the loom (regardless of color) with some screen print on the back does not accomplish this.

    now... when all the FOTL shirts are the same color, this problem gets worse.

    after researching this for years
    Talking with Cintas , alsco, uni first and others... there just simply isn’t a one stone hits all birds options.

    the best one we came up with, that met practically all the criteria ON PAPER actually made the guys look like a combination between a railroad engineer and a navy guy in his dungaree uni

    Best option is to get a uniform with accessories
    Meaning branding a look and then also have a vest issued for those instances where ANSI 2 are needed.

    the option IS pricey tho.

    this is the reason why everyone is wearing yellow Ts. it’s not a validation for it, just recognizing the cause.
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    The amazon drivers in my area wear ansi vests.
  6. Mark Oomkes

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    Says who?

    Not sure if things have changed since I retired from the fire service, but at the time it was enacted that any first responder or construction worker was required to wear the appropriate reflective gear depending on the speed limit in the area they are working on FEDERALLY funded roads.

    So basically, we started wearing ANSI 3 on every crash. Who knows if it was federally funded and we weren't going to wear a different vest for different speed limits.

    Then we had the guys who wouldn't take them off when going in and would ruin a $2000 bunker coat because the vest melted to it. Morons.
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  7. OP
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    I’m not Liking that some have side-tracked my thread. I placed the topic in the hardscape forum; not the mowing or homeless forums.
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    Not very many construction guys here anymore. My uniforms are grey if it makes you smile.
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    Well first of all, I had know idea it was in the (hardscape) forum.
    I click on (new posts) it shows up like all the rest.
    But I would have to agree, if your in residential building hardscapes, pool surrounds, out door kitchens and living spaces. No need to wear high vis.
  10. TPendagast

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    Don’t need to wear it mowing either

    you’re not high speed roads
    Parking on side streets and parking lots doesn’t count as high speed roads.

    Some guys mow along highways and a vest would be prudent/required in those cases
    But not for the run of the mill landscaper, regardless of his specific focus.
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