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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by kandklandscape, Sep 27, 2007.

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    We have an employee/work temp that we hired HOWEVER he was not doing anything with our company.

    We signed a contract with the work temp company for this employee. He only works 20-30 hours landscaping and the rest of the hours threw another company we own. Well I got a bill today for 223.5 hours owed from the other company, I only signed a contract for the landscaping co. not our other company. I called the work temp agency, they said we are not aloud to talk to you! I said huh, they said see you in court! How in the world can they take me to court when the other business had nothing to do with this? We had signed the contract for landscaping not our other biz.

    223.5 hours for $1594!! they only pay him $7.15 they are making a $4.85 profit, surely they pay for unemployment and work comp, figured it out that we are actually loosing $2 an hour, it is cheaper to have him work threw us full time then it is to pay these idiots!

    Anyone else have trouble with temp agencies? Any problems like this? What shall I do? Contacted my lawyer they said dont worry about it, need a $500 retainer UGH of course!
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    You signed a contract to use their laborers and you stole him and worked him somewhere else. That's like you send one of your landscapers to someones house and then the homeowner hires him to do some other landscaping work, cutting you out of the picture.

    I can't blame the temp agency for being pissed, you stole their worker and if you violated a contract, too bad for you.

    Jeez, you even complain that the temp agency is making a profit, you don't make profit? Who's the idiot?

    Temp agencys are a great service to have, you need someone, you make a phone call, if that guy don't show up the next day the agency drops off another guy. If you don't like it, hire your own staff.

    I try and stay in good shape with the temp agency I use because they come in handy. I have to wait 3 months before I can hire away, but I can use them for jobs that they are not allowed to do through the agency, such as eave cleaning because they are not allowed to go over 6 ft or whatever but then Im' responsible for Workers Comp and all that.
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    NOT sure if I understand this one or not,,,

    sounds like he was outsourced twice and you were on the short end of the stick......

    even if you outsorce once it's Quite expensive....

    I have never herd of a temp/agency only making 4 to 5.00 an hour.....

    it's useually higher than that MUCH higher
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    I have to pay $13.94 an hour plus tax, Minimum wage is $8/hour. I actually should read the fine print because I do have a contract with them.
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    is geting help that tough where your at ?
  6. Vikings

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    It's tough for me because I don't have Full Time STEADY employment. I'm Super busy for 6 weeks in the spring and then 6 -8 weeks in the fall.

    I once put an ad in the paper and got about 30 calls and not a single one showed up. Temp guys show up to work but they are only good for grunt work like power raking and rarely pushing a lawn mower. It's one of the reasons I got into lawn care was because the skill level is so much lower.

    also after a blizzard I need people that can shovel and if they show promise i might let them walk behind a snow blower.

    The rest of the time I have friends in the window cleaning business who will come and work for me on the weekends or evenings for some extra cash. You need skill and experience to do window cleaning and eave cleaning.. and christmas lights are coming.
  7. bohiaa

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    I used to get with my local high school..... it's was a GREAT way to get help.

    not sure about all schools but mine has a program to promote jobs.

    yes even lawn care....

    of corse you will go through the dumb ones..........

    MAN have I got stories
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    Vikings -- Interesting perspective !!

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