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Work Truck Transmission


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Hey everyone, so Ill have a license soon, which means my business can expand exponentially, with a truck and trailer. Anyway, I have been driving a Saturn SC2 with a manual 5speed, a honda accord, and a kia minivan, and really I like driving the stick so much better.

Which leads me to my question regarding a working vehicle. Apart from my personal enjoyment, are there advantages/disadvantages to either stick/auto for hauling a trailer, with probably 2 WB's on it? Also possibly some residential driveway plowing in the winter could be a possibility.

And while on the subject, Another idea that has been discussed with my dad was something like a jeep wrangler, which can tow and plow (somewhat, I believe) as well as being a more efficient daily driver for me.

So basically, What should I be looking for in a working vehicle, that will also be a daily driver most of the time?


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the jeep would be a good plow/ tow vehicle but there is no room to put debris such as grass clippings or leaves
A stick shift ain't that much fun in a truck. The automatics are durable and convenient. Makes working with them easier.

Plowing with a jeep wiould give it a very short life expectancy. It would be using it basically as a tractor, when it's not really even a truck. Plowing is hard on trucks. Even going with a truck, you'd want one heavy duty enough to plow. Or you'll be repalcing your truck so often you won't be making any money.


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Rhode Island
I also perfer a 5 speed for my DD but would never buy one as a work truck. You already have a lot going on when your pulling/backing up a trailer or plowing, no need to add to the equation.


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The advantage of a manual tranny is that you can select the gear while pulling heavy loads, thus avoiding wear and tear on the tranny that is always selecting its own geard. This applies only to heavy loads and steep hills where an auto would be going back and forth. Manual trannys usually get better mileage as well.