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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by joshua74133, Jan 14, 2018.

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    LOL ok. Thanks for clarifying you were ill advising the OP.

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    Just curious about all this license and stuff for 1099 form. I just read the instructions for W9 and 1099 form and I see nothing about license. All the IRS is doing is tracking money from one hand to the other. Who is the IRS to tell me what license and insurance I need to work for somebody? W9 block 1 has name(as shown on tax return), block 2 has entity name if different. The 1099 just requests payers name and recipients name.

    At the present moment I only mow lawns. State and local ordinance does not require me to have a license. So I can't mow a yard for another LCO because I don't have a license?
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    When I used a sub two years ago the only thing I got dinged on was the fact the sub didn't have insurance. My insurance does a yearly audit and when I reported the sub my insurance dinged me for an extra $600. That was to cover the sub. Now if I use a sub I get named additional insured on his insurance and send that to my insurance. No increase then. The IRS doesn't care if your 1099 has insurance or a license. They care about what kind of control you have over them. All they want is the tax money. So they want subs/ employees classified correctly. Remember w2 employees pay taxes out of every pay check. 1099 only pays taxes in April.
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    I hope your not that ignorant. I never told the OP not to get insurance or that he should only “hire” guys without it. Don’t be stupid.

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