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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by cconiam, May 3, 2007.

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    We are bidding on a commercial account, but we have to have workers comp. We have two employees doing residential now and in Florida are not required to have workers comp for two employees. If we get this commercial account they want us to start next week and I have to have workers comp in place. WHERE do I start? Is it less expensive if I go to a payroll company and get the workers comp thru them? Or is that even possible?
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    Call your insurance agent and tell them you need WC (you do have liability insurance, right?). They'll be able to get you setup and can even backdate the effective date.
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    I don't know about in Florida, but here in Ohio it is cheaper to go directly through the BWC. State funded worker's comp. is always cheaper than privately funded. Ohio makes you carry coverage if you only have one employee. Just visit the web site for them and you should be able to pay on-line and have instant coverage, that's how it works here.
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    CC I used PayChex when i was in orlando to do my payroll, payroll taxes, and WC. Initially I did not need WC due to size, but Contracts dictated WC...

    I would get checks delivered every two weeks it was really easy...

    WC payment depend on payroll. if I rememebr 5% I think...
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    In FL the rate is 6.76 per every 100 of payroll ... use to be almost 12.00 bout 3 years ago ...ouch

    Over the years you'll get a discount or mod rate of like .94

    VERY limited coverage for lawn care or landscape in FL ... SSssooo many illegals outfits here .... kinda like shop-lifters the honest buyer kinda pays fore that "loss" ....eeerrr

    My provider "Bankers" out of Ft. Laud uses AequiCap .... Class Description will be "Park NOC" with a code of 9102


    If you are an S-corp or LLC ....officers or owners can file an "officer exemption" .... so you don't pay WC on your own payroll .....n like it or not you'll have to pay a $50 exemption fee ....which they tend to hit you every 2 years

    N in a legal stand-point FL 3 or more employees .... MUST have WC ....if you have 2 hourlys n you are an officer are legally an employee you should already have it

    GL with the bid

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