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Workers Comp.

Green Acres

LawnSite Senior Member
I think this has been addressed before on this forum but I can't seem to find it. Okay here is my situation I have a chance to bid on a good size commercial proberty but they want the contractor to have workmans comp. I will have to have atleast one part time worker to help me this year if I get this job. I was considering using temp workers but not sure if the business will go for this. I know that workers comp can add up pretty quick. Is there anyway around this? Also how much can it cost if I have an employee? Any other info. you can provide or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


central fl.
Have your part time help go through a temp-service,KELLY, LABORFINDERS, etc. They provide all cost of employee for about $3.00<br>an hour over what you state you will pay your employee. Not a bad deal for part time.<br>


LawnSite Senior Member
You'll probably have do bite the bullet and go ahead and get the workmens comp. I'd simply pass on the cost to your employer when you figure your bid. The amount you pay is based on the wages paid to those that are covered by the policy, and you can usually exclude yourself. Workmens comp will audit your books at the end of the year and see if you have over or under paid your premium. Thanks, Lynn


LawnSite Member
Worker's Comp in Massachusetts costs about $5 per $1000 (at least where I live). We had an accident with an employee this year. He cut his finger on a lawn mower blade and we incurred thousands in charges. Worker's Comp pays for everything included lost wages. So it's well worth the investment. Any company that employs people need to have worker's comp. It's foolish not to.<p>JPC


Lawnsite Addict
Work comp is set by the experance rate for your industry. The more accidents that the industrys has the higher the rate. It is collected by the X dollars per $100 of payroll not including over time. Most starting companys have to pay a higher rate than older ones that have not had any claims. If you have a saftey program for your company and can show it to the insurance company you can get a lower rate, they will also hepl you write up one.<p>----------<br>paul<br>

john boylan

LawnSite Member
Huntsville, AL
Besides the X $$ per $100 of wages, you need to check on the policy minimum. I only use part-time help in the spring, but the $750 policy minimum with my insurance company effectively precludes hiring anybody for a couple of weeks. Temp services sound better all the time.