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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by JasonPC, Aug 30, 2003.

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    I have an employee who sustained a back injury while on the job. He won't be returning to work for at least several weeks. I am filling the position so the job probably won't be there for him when he comes back. But my question is this, do I have to continue to pay health insurance for him from the time the injury was sustained. He hasn't been to work in a couple of weeks now. September's health insurance is due and I"m wondering if I have to pay.

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    If he is a full time employee........... YES, you have to pay his insurance and also when the doc says he can come back to work you have to guarantee his job !!!!!! Your State would be all over that !!!!!
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    Actually you don't have to guarantee his job. You can replace his position with someone but he is supposed to get preferential treatment should another job opening occur.

    Thanks for the reply though,

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    Jason - ck with your workman's comp carrier or contact a lawyer who specializes in workmans comp cases. In most states, the employer is responsible for all medical related bills resulting from a work related injury. If you try to drop him from coverage, you may be setting yourself up for a lawsuit. Good luck!
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    Guys, I see some of you are from Michigan. Laws vary from state to state. I had a work comp claim 3 years ago. In Michigan you must have the emploees job available to him when he is able to return. If for some reason he doesn't return, thats better for you. If you don't have his job available to him the work comp carrier can make u responsable for his bills. So make sure you check this out.
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