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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ronsannie, Feb 26, 2002.

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    Looking to price Workers Comp. I work alone or with my wife but a few of the commercial accounts want proof of workers comp. Anyone got any leads on where to buy for less?


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    :rolleyes: If you are working alone, not hireing employees you don't need workers comp. What they should be asking for is proof of liability insurance so anything that gets damages is covered by your insurance.
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    Yes, that is what I thought however apparently, and I have checked this out.... By law even if I do not have any employees if I am on the property say of a bank and I or my wife gets hurt the bank is liable if I do not carry workers comp. For this reason the businesses in my area ask for it. This is the first year in 10 years I have run into this. So to keep commercial accounts I guess I will have to buy the workers comp even though I really do not need it since I have excellent health insur. but that does not seem to matter.
  4. Buy for less????

    Sorry dude but WC is usually a set rate based on job description per amount of payroll.

    All insurance companies charge the same rate.

    What you need to do is add the ENTIRE cost of the WC for the year into the bank job contract. Tell them the reason it is so much higher than last year do to their requirements.

    If they balk just walk away and concentrate on residential accounts.

    Unless the contract is over $10k you will never recover your cost for the WC and you might be just working for that bank for nothing.
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    Our first year we had several commercial accounts and I was the only employee. In Indiana if you are the only employee and do not have Worker's comp. coverage, you need a statement in writing stating so, or an Independent Contractor Affidavit of Ecemption form for commercial work.

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