workers they are hard to find good ones


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My new worker says he doesent like the walkbehind and it has jungle wheels and he doesent like to weed wip and just will not do it around animal holes. He wont work over 10 hours and complains and makes faces when i ask him to do something.Is this normal or am i having bd luck. Im in Michigan let me know.<br>Thanks.


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I don't want to go on a rant here but... It's normal for pansies but you don't have to take it. If he won't mow and he won't trim then he doesn't like lawn care. I would seperate myself from him immediately. I tell all new employees up front that this is very hard work and that weedeating is a must for all workers.<br>As a matter of fact I usually try to talk people out of going to work with us and at the end of the pitch, if they still want to work then I give them a shot.<br>This business is for people who are physically and mentally tough. Ten hours of lawn care ain't for wimps. There is no easy part of the job for some slacker to do. Even blowing walks is hard work when there are 16 buildings in a complex with connecting sidewalks and a hand held blower. Add a few inclines and you've got yourself a job to do.<br>The labor force is slim right now and most people have no memory of a bad economy when jobs were scarce. These bozos walk from job to job and you have to beg them to show up on time.<br>The kicker is, through good times and bad these people will have nothing to show. A booming economy does not make them rich or even help them store up a few nuts for winter because they refuse to take advantage of any opportunity that involves an effort.<br>And most of these young studs think they're cool, bull$%!t they can't do anything.

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Yea I know the feeling all to well. I like to do mulching,stone pruning etc on Saturday finding help well thats another story. All my guys do great during the week I guess I can't cry too much. Your best bet is to check into another guy if that guy crys too much. Just a thought. All my guys work long hours during the week and will mow weed wack or edge for me its just those weekends!!!<br>Good Luck :)<br>Travis<br>AG&G Lawn Maintenance<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: AGG Lawn Maintenance


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Funny thing......... people, they're alike no matter what part of the country your from. I'm having the same problem right now: &quot;Man, its hot.&quot; &quot;where are we going next?&quot; &quot;Oh sh.., I hate that yard!&quot; &quot;I need to be off Saturday, were you planning on working?&quot; <p>Duh,huh, I wouldn't have to work Saturdays if his sorry ass would get to work during the week! He's gonna get talked to today, if he shows up. I put up with this kind of crap for a long time before I went into biz for myself! I ain't putting up with it no more. Hes live around here long enought to know that it gets hot, he also doesn't want to weed-eat all day, hates it that my wife rides the mower while he has to hoof it all day...............he ain't making one payment on nothing, she is, and she will continue to ride all day while the hires help &quot;hoofs it&quot;. I have tried to even things up some by splitting the trimming and edgeing, he still bitches about this. I'm sick of it so big ultimatum coming today, shut up or find some other line of work.......IF YOU CAN'T STAND THE HEAT, GET THE ........OUT OF HOMIES KITCHEN!!!!!!!!!!


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homer--you are a bad boy. obviously your worker is management material. ;)<p>GEO


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YOu may makem more money with help. But only if you can compete with other companies with benefits and a competitive salary. You need this and then some to attract top quality people. But then again is working hard hot labor like we do is not very attractive to workers. I sure wouldnt be a lawn service employee. Unless I had no choice. i went through alot of employees. Before deciding it was to much of a headache.


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Ok,<p>First of all guys, i don't even mow lawns or do landscape maintmance or installs. I found this forum, from the snowplowing forum ( i read the lawn care one, because i needed to buy a new mower). I am a ultilty construction contractor located in maine, where i have over 30 employees. <p>The work these guys do is very hard, i have several ex landscape workers now working for me. They say they work harder than they did in the past, but the reason that they went to work for me, will me explained.<p>First i am not trying to piss anyone off, I am just trying to explain this from the workers point of view. I know there are some slackers out there, but there are great workers that just need to be given some respect.<p>OK these landscapers left their past employer for a few reasons:<p>1. Year round work, they could work for me all year. Ultity construction in the summer, and snow removal and some construction in the winter.<p> Their past employers wouldn't keep them on full time in the winter.<p>2. Respect, all employees get uniforms, and 10 employees have company trucks. Good pay, these guys are paid very well, some over 32 K a year, only they work very hard just like landscapers. Like i said some ex landscapers say they work harder for me then they did in the past.<p>Also the guys work from 7 to 5 five days a week, no more no less ( except in the winter, with plowing it gets a little crazy). <p>3. If you are good to the worker they will be good to you.<p>The guys that have company trucks, wash them weekly, and clean them inside to they look like new every 3 or 4 weeks.<p>These guys would work extra if i asked them too, if something needed to be done.<p>My point:<p>I know there are slackers.<br>Only explain to these guys why they are doing the grunt work. Tell them why they are walking and not riding, its because they are the employee not the owner, be firm, but calm.<p>It is amazing what a few bennifits to the employee will do. If you only have one employee, buy them lunch one day, or a cold drink if they have been trimming all day. Pay them well, not just the standard 7.50 to 8.50, if you pay them more, they will probably work harder.<p>Also do yourself a favor.<p>Try to find out before if the employee wants to work weekends.<p>Also everyone needs time off, the owner should have weekends off too. So maybe if you need to work 6 days a week to get all your work done, you have too much work, let some go. If you don't have anytime off all week, you will go crazy. I have a very good friend that is in the landscaping business and 3 heart attacks later, and a depression, and neverus break down. He let some work go, and started taking weekends off. <p>Just try to think of it in the employees eyes too. You have the fancy mower, all the accounts, the truck, they think you are making tons of money, when you probably aren't. Try to explain that you don't make 100K a year, and that the equipments, insurances, licences, ect, are expensive.<p>Invest in the employee, and you will have greater returns.<p>I am not trying to piss anyone off, but i just thought it was fair to stand up for the employee. Sometimes ya got to take a step back, and look at in their eyes.<p>Geoff


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I guess my boss is lucky!! If he were on here he'd be bragging about me!! lol I hate to just trim or pull weeds but I know that its what needs to be done! Besides I dont have to be responsible for doing a bad job unless that is what needs to be done.


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I have to smile when I get people (including women) asking to work for/with me cuz they just want to be outside. I tell them are you nuts? I came in to get OUT of the heat! And dusty dirty smelly, long hrs. etc, etc. A.M. till 8-9-10 P.M. at night, etc. By then they usually lose interest.<br>Nice to know also that teens & 20 somethings can be Studs & atheletes, but after 8+ hrs. on the job I'm still going strong & they're looking for shade to sit down :) I guess it has to do with mindset-I always seemed to get tired sooner at work than the same amt. of hrs. working for myself.<br>When people express interest, I try to pre-screen thru casual conversation with out them even knowing it. Like you Homer, I tell the pretty boys to go back home & play with their computer & McDonalds job & leave the real work to us. Thanks for your interest, have a nice day & close the door behind you :).<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>

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