Working for less to keep a customer?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Liquidfast, Jul 15, 2006.

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    I was reading a few posts regarding what people are charging customers and was curious if anyone feels the need to work for less than what they should make cuz they either:

    #1. Know the customer
    #2. Feel sympathy for the customer i.e. older, widowed, sick etc
    #3. Feel they will not get the job

    I changed the way I work this year by including what I charge for jobs and included the pricing on my website for all customers to see. It has several advantages. I am able to relate to my customers if and when they feel they might be overcharged. I simply state, "Whether they live in a million dollar home or rent one, my fee is the same."

    I know of atleast 3 LCO start-ups this year and their pricing for work I had to fix and I still cannot see how they made any money to do the work. I believe the first step (trying to get it pinned here mods) is to establish a price list for general services offered and to stick to it.

    I have never had my local pizza pizza reduce my pizza cost (I am a huge regular in every meaning).

    I pay the same fee as everyone else for the majority of services I need/want.

    We need to do the same here folks.

    AGREED? GOOD, now get back to work!!!
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    remember,sometimes an account is side by side and/or a block away. You dont make crap cutting grass if you have employees or dont have a lot of accounts but you can turn a 600 dollar account into a 1500 account with the extras. A Little bit less money is better than no money

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