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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by snowjeep, Aug 14, 2007.

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    I am looking at working for another lco with my equipment since I can't sell much due to the new house I bought with 1.5 acres of grass. If someone is paying $13.00 an hour what would you ask to use your truck,trailer, and equipment. I know gas and insurance would have to be discussed. I just don't do well at pricing and getting customers, It seems I give everyone a break and seniors I probably make minimun wage. Or would you just keep bare minimum for your house and just work for him? But then I would need health insurance. I am not certain on what to do! Help needed.
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    Depends on your initial cost for your equipment, but generally speaking $20.00/hr wouldn't even cover your expenses. Take in to account who is responsible for getting the equipment repaired if you have a breakdown or if it needs to be taken to the dealer. Is that going to come out of the $13/hr you mentioned, in addition to the insurance, gas, trimmer line and other materials that are needed to operate daily. Personally, I wouldn't do it. Try some advertising and see what happens operating solo. Granted its near the end of the mowing season and grass is slowing down on growing, but fall cleanups are right around the corner.
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    In the eyes of the IRS you would be called a subcontractor, at the end of the year you would receive a 1099 from the lco, and you will be responsible for you income and state tax. go to the irs website for more details. I would be looking at between 25 34 per hr but depends on alot of things.
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    30/hr or so.....bottom line....and thats cheap
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  6. JJG84

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    you should just ask for a percentage of the cut fee from each yard so that you are not rushed, and he doesn't have to feel rushed as well if you were to use the hourly pay.

    also, this way maybe you could cut your own lawns as well?

    i dont know of many lawn co's who pay people hourly to cut lawns for them?

    i would be quite interested in knowing if anyone has ever heard of a company that has done/does that
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    truck allowance $350 per mo
    equipment rental to the co $500 per week
    fuel card
    charge account for supplies line blades filters oil ect.
    find a few other items then just open a rental co and stay in the climate controled building LOL.....
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    yeah i would have to do 30.00 hr too and thats cheap i think also

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