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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by hoeman376, Feb 21, 2011.

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    I know they use slope boards quit a bit out west from when I've been out there vacationing and seen them in trade magazines, but wow thats pretty slick, probably saves alot of time from not having to chase the last little bit of windrow out of your V ditch part. I'm curious like Dave asked how much pressure you can on them. I assume you roughed the slope with the standard blade then used the slope board to finish it? Anyway looks good you planning on heading back to IL in the spring?
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    I ran a D5 with one for doing slope work for railways locally a few years back. They're pretty damn solid, as in the dozer will twist, or break other parts before them.


    Ps what the heck is a Hitachi 450H? And what kind of wimpy undercarriage is that on it? Looks like a pieced together/rebuild machine. That little deere is a nice unit though, very very versatile.
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    Like Dm said the slope boards are very strong they will push the machine before they will break. It would be pretty hard to break one unless you were being stuipid. I plan on heading back to IL just dont know when we got a bunch more jobs lined up.

    Dirtmerchant That 450s is one of my uncles its got small pads on it for what reason idk. But it runs good dug some stuff at the vinyard today with it. Hes got another 450 and a 550 but they both have wide pads.
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    450H's were designed for mining, hence the narrow pads/short carriage. Typically, they have a goofy looking, rectangular cab that resembles the older dash 2 cabs but you see the occasional H with the newer style, rounded cabs like the one pictured. To be honest, I think the H's were marketed overseas and the units here in the US are grey market units but I'm stretching my memory on that one.
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    Nice work on that swale... nothing like a fence post to make your day interesting, hah.

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