Working in Flint, MI or/ Waterford,MI?

Jason Pallas

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Hey - we do quite a few of the Murray's Auto part stores - they have a store on Highland in Waterford and they have a store in Flint that they asked us to do (both are way out of our area - Eastside suburbs and North suburbs). At any rate, they asked me if I knew anyone that I could recommend. So, if you work in these areas, e-mail me or post here - I'll pass your name on. Please - no scrubs. I'm gonna recommend you blind - and I've got a very good rep - so I'm sorta vouching here for you. I'm happy to send my fellow Michigan LCOs some work - just don't crew my rep up!
These Murray's stores are great accounts - low hassle, and good pay and they usually get all types of additional services (snow too). Write me back (with a little blurb about your biz) - I need to give them a couple of names by week's end.

Jason Pallas

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OK - I was able to refer someone for the Flint job. Now I just need a name for the Waterford store. Doesn't anyone work in Waterford? Or are y'all just lazy and affraid of making money? I need to give Murray's a name by the middle of next week.


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Troy, Michigan
We work in Oakland County and could take care of the Waterford location. If you would like a list of references, e-mail me at "". We service some of the most prestigious properties in Oakland County. If you need to talk to me you can reach me in my office at 248-828-8640. Thanks for your efforts.


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Originally posted by Turfscape LLC
calling Expert!
DANG! Too late. Jason, let me know if I can help ya out on anything else. Wish I would have read this post earlier.