Working in retirerment communities

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by keithslawnc, Nov 8, 2012.

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    I think I will just stay out of those communities and try to keep pick up properties on my existing route. I am not willing to invest time and money in $ 55-65 a month accounts unless i could get a large group. Not to mention all the paper work and billing that would go in to a bunch of low dollar tickets. I had a large farm in the villages that we maintained for 5 years. We lost it in August of 2011 and I have work my tail off to recoup from that $60k hit. I have managed to regain that dollar amount by replacing it with 8-10 good paying jobs. I think I will continue on the same path I have been on and steer clear of the retirement circus.
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    Working for the people in an elderly community is the worst...they have all day to watch you, stop and talk to you and bother you about every little thing they can find. I had an elderly community last season and for 4 months and they drove us crazy. GONE! Out of 66 homes, about 8 were the worst complainers...they complained to the point where it was agreed that they go back to the previous company.

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