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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Varsity L&G, Oct 10, 2005.

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    Looks pretty good, I have dial up service and it took about 40 seconds for the first page to load. Just FYI
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    I'll try to be as constructive as possible.
    it looks like a generic phpnuke type site, Its not really geared towards a company site, I think you should do an in-depth color scheme change up.

    Does the user login do much good? I suspect it only allows intermembership emails, do you want your customers to be able to email each other from the site? This (in my opinion) would only be good if you were emailing their bills in .pdf or some other fashion, but then, why not just email it directly to them so you know they recieve it?

    Kill any links in the menu that are not active or do not have active modules.

    and the green font was a little hard for me to read.

    Just my $.02

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